Griekwastad Moorde Cast & Trailer

Griekwastad Moorde Cast & Trailer

Check out the cast and trailer of the hit South African film Griekwastad Moorde.

Last year, all anyone could talk about was the local hit film, Griekwastad Moorde, which had blown minds. The film bagged a South African Film and Television Award (Safta) for best feature film and best editing in 2021, and everyone agreed that it deserved it.

News24 called it “a broadly watched true-crime drama that breaks the mould” and recommended it to people looking to start watching local Mzansi films. The film tells the story of the controversial Griekwastad murders in 2012. It follows 15-year-old Don Steenkamp, who killed his parents, then raped and murdered his 14-year-old sister.

It took place on Naauwhoek, the Steenkamps’ farm, in the Northern Cape. While it features a gory true-life story, it is also a good recommendation for South Africans because of how it is told. Following its success, it bagged seven Saftas nods, including best film, directing, cinematography, sound design, editing, music, and best-supporting actress.

It won best feature film and best achievement in directing for Malherbe at the events. The director, Joshua Malherbe, said, “It offers something unexpected. It’s not just a movie, it’s an experience, which itself is quite out there, and that’s why I think it’s been successful. South Africans will enjoy it because they have a taste for weirdness,” He described similar stories told by popular South African writers as “odd, sort of out of reality, and told from a very heightened space”.

The film stars Arnold Vosloo as Col. Dick de Waal, Alek van Dyk as Don Steenkamp, Jane de Wet as Marthella Steenkamp, Tim Theron as Jacques Steenkamp, Esther von Waltsleben as Christelle Steenkamp, Jody Abrahams as Andre Mcanda, Rolanda Marais as Henriette de Waal, Deon Lotz as Bennie Heckroodt, Albert Pretorius as Deon Steenkamp, and Brent Vermeulen as Henry de Waal. It was written by Jacques Steenkamp and Tertius Kamp.

Check the trailer out below.


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