Google Pixel 7 series users complain about poor video call quality: Report

Google Pixel 7 series users complain about poor video call quality: Report

Google Pixel 7 series users complain about poor video call quality: Report

Google Pixel 7 users have previously complained about issues with faulty devices and hardware. Several users now have new complaints at the functional level. Video call quality on Pixel 7 phones is said to be very poor. During video calls on several apps including Google Meet, the video quality would be relatively lower than other smartphones in the same range. Even videos received from Pixel 7 would be noticeably blurrier and look smudged.

A Reddit user, as reported by Android Police, claimed that the video call quality on his Pixel 7 was lower than on much older devices. They say the quality is lower on various apps, including Google Meet. The Pixel 7 owner originally thought the problem was with the Google Meet app. To test, the user installed Google Meet on a Pixel 3 XL and a 2018 iPad Pro. Video calls from both systems were much crisper and clearer than the Pixel 7, according to the post.

Dozens of other Android users commented on the post, where a Pixel 7 Pro owner said video calls on Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Google’s own app were also blurry. According to the same user, the quality issue was present on both the front and rear cameras, so there was no way to avoid it while video calling on the Pixel 7 Pro.

According to one user, none of the apps used the correct camera API, which reduced quality. Considering the outstanding quality of photos and videos captured by the Pixel 7’s camera aside from video calls, software is the most obvious suspect behind this issue.

Several Twitter users also had similar complaints. An user tweeted asking, “My front camera is really blurry when video calling on Google Meet with my Pixel 7 Pro. Is there a way to fix this?” another user request to replace his Pixel 7 device. These complaints go back as far as December 2022.

In December last year, many Pixel 7 users complained about the rear camera glass shattering for no reason. Several users on Reddit and Twitter have reported that the cameras on their Google Pixel 7 devices break or shatter without any drops. According to a few users, it looked like a hardware fault in the phone at the time. An affected user was reportedly offered a replacement product by Google.

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