Genshin Impact Version 1.6: Ace the Paimon’s Quiz to Win 150K Mora

Genshin Impact Version 1.6: Ace the Paimon’s Quiz to Win 150K Mora

The studio has rolled out another fantastic web event that will offer interesting rewards. Gamers can pick up 150K Mora by answering ten simple questions. This event is called Paimon’s Quiz, which will ask questions based on Genshin Impact. This web event will test your knowledge about the character’s lore, game mechanics, and other aspects of the game.

The event kickstarted on 25th June, and it will last till 27th June, which could grant you 150K mora. The quiz might put up several challenging questions that could prove to be a bit difficult to answer for new players.

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Genshin Impact Version 1.6: Ace the Paimon’s Quiz to Win 150K Mora

A quick guide to the latest Genshin Impact quiz

The studio has added a new method to log into the game. In previous updates, players have faced trouble signing into their accounts. Now, the studio has addressed that issue by coming up with email verification. The game will send an OTP to your email, and you can also link your social media accounts to your login account via verified email.

This will allow you to log in to the game easily, and by doing this you can also directly play this quiz. Today’s questionnaire for June 26th will ask you ten-question based on weapons, characters, and various locations of Tevyat. Follow the video below to get a correct answer for each question that will be asked in the quiz. You can also use the following list of options that will allow you to select the right answer and ace the quiz easily.

  • First question: B
  • Second question: C
  • Third question: B
  • Fourth question: True
  • Fifth question: A
  • Sixth question; C
  • Seventh question: True
  • Eighth  question: A
  • Ninth question: C
  • Tenth question: C

Select these options for each question and you should be able to best the quiz. The end rewards can vary between 10K mora to 150k and the result is completely randomized.

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video source: taka gg

Be sure to answer all the questions by June 27th, as the event will expire after that day. The server reset time for NA takes place around 4; 00 am in morning, ensure you fill in the answers by tomorrow to win mora.

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