Gbenga Richards Biography & Net Worth


Gbenga Richards is a renowned veteran actor in the Nollywood Industry. He’s mostly known to play action roles and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Nollywood Industry.

Gbenga Richards Biography

Gbenga Richards is one of the oldest and most talented actors in Nollywood. He is mostly for his action movies which has always stood out, and aside his talent, his deep voice has equally endeared him to the hearts of fans of Nollywood.

The once vibrant actor was a force to reckon with in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Gbenga Richards Age

Gbenga Richards was reportedly in his 60’s years of age

Gbenga Richards Career

Gbenga Richards was a Nollywood actor who had an intimidating voice with his exceptional acting skills.

In one of his interviews, the actor said:

“I don’t think there is anything I have done I would single out as my biggest success. All I know is I have done quite a lot, and I have made impressions on the minds of people, and a lot of people still remember me by them. My best is yet to come because I am still under-utilised.”

The veteran actor has featured in dozens of movies for Nollywood, and his handling of guns in movies has been hailed and envied by many. Some of his blockbuster movies include 30 Days, Darkest Night, Betrayed by Love, and many others.

Gbenga Richards Wife

In 2019, his marriage to his colleague in Nollywood, Florence Richards allegedly collapsed. Though since then, there have not been much information about their alleged breakup nor what later became of their marriage of over fifteen (15) years.

Gbenga Richards Son

If you have at any time been a father, you will definitely understand the joy that comes with seeing your son growing into a man. Then imagine how it feels when that your son is a carbon copy of you, sure it’s gonna be another level of joy. That’s exactly the current mood of veteran Nollywood actor, Gbenga Richards who has taken to his social media page to share lovely photos with his handsome and look alike son, Richards Ikye Isaiah.

Gbenga Richards Net Worth

Gbenga Richards Net Worth is yet to be reviewed.

Gbenga Richards Cause Of Death

Richard has been battling ill health for a while now and efforts have been made to raise money for his treatment. He was reportedly suffering from diabetes and other related diseases, and some of his colleagues made efforts to raise money to cater for his welfare before his unfortunate demise on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

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