Gaming is evolving into a lifestyle for young gamers, driving PC demand in India

Gaming is evolving into a lifestyle for young gamers, driving PC demand in India

Gaming is evolving into a lifestyle for young gamers, driving PC demand in India

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PCs have become an essential part of living in today’s fast-paced world. This shift to a hybrid lifestyle and the confluence of employment, education, entertainment, and online gaming has made PCs a one-stop-shop. Consumer demand for laptops has increased as they look for effective and efficient tools and solutions in this new world. Trends such as ‘earn from home’, ‘learn from home’, ‘work from home’ and ‘play from home’ have become deeply entrenched in customers’ lifestyles. Although the pandemic has largely passed, the new hybrid approach is here to stay.


Let’s dive in and examine these key trends driving PC demand in India.

Collaborate and stay connected in hybrid workspaces

In today’s hybrid world, it’s no longer a question of where we work, but how we work. Since technological advancements are driving this new model, we need the right products that enable asynchronous collaboration for the workforce.

On the road or at home, PCs enable today’s busy lifestyles with high performance. Additionally, with companies investing more in IT infrastructure to enable employee mobility, PCs are essential devices for business continuity management.

Increased adoption of PC games

It is no surprise that there is a significant increase in the PC gaming industry. With India’s youth now embracing gaming, content creation, streaming, and game development, there is a tremendous growth opportunity for the PC industry. Advancements in the PC industry are intended to support these homegrown talents and provide the best performance experience and technology.

The game is actually now also very democratic across gender, age, and geography. Women’s participation in online gaming, for example, is growing and is expected to grow over the next few years. As we move forward, we’ll see gaming become one of the primary demand-driving use cases for PCs.

Increase in “work anytime, anywhere”

While hybrid models have proven to be suitable for enterprise professionals, the massive cohort of on-demand workers with a PC as their tech companion are shifting to a “work anytime, anywhere” model.

Advanced, user-friendly PCs have made it much easier for gig workers and the industries they are associated with to stay connected. As technology companies, we need to deliver relevant new features and enhancements “on the go” to help customers increase their productivity.

Personalized entertainment spaces are gaining popularity

Beyond work and learning, there is no doubt that PC entertainment is now deeply integrated into Indian consumption patterns, post-pandemic. As consumers were confined to their homes, they chose to entertain themselves through OTT content streaming and social platforms.

As the pandemic has accelerated the use of PCs, the new hybrid world demands it. With this, the concept of one PC per household has eroded and we are moving towards one PC per person.

Much like the things we learn and adapt to in our personal lives, these unique developments shaping the PC market are certainly part of changing lifestyles and here for the long haul. Consumer needs have shifted from working in an office and studying at school to doing it all in a hybrid environment: work, study, play and play.

The author is Personal Systems Manager (Consumer), HP India.

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