Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Essential Design, an approach that sees the refinement of a product’s design down to its most fundamental elements, serves as the basic design principle for all Galaxy products from Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy Book3 series, Samsung’s latest flagship PC line, continues this legacy of Essential Design.


The Galaxy Book3 series sees the simplified use of materials for product design and focuses only on the essentials. The design of the series may be minimal, but its usability and performance have improved significantly.

Refined design led by flat lines

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

The flat design of the Galaxy Book3 series follows the principles of essential design, giving the series a unique look. The refined straight lines and minimal surface finish on the front of the devices capture the distinct design identity of the Galaxy Book series. The entire body of the Galaxy Book3 is constructed using a singular aluminum material for uniformity and an unwavering design.

A transparent screen for visual stability

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

The minimalist design approach applied to the surface of the Galaxy Book3 series also continues with the products screen. The entire screen surface, including the bezel, is made of a singular plane of glass for a refreshingly clean feel.1 Along with a minimized bezel, the camera and sensors are also hidden under the glass to allow users to fully focus on the screen.

In addition, the corners of the screen are rounded in a manner similar to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets for more visual stability and continuity.

Improved usability

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

The design of the Galaxy Book3 series is filled with elements that not only enhance the external design quality of the product, but also its usability.

One of the biggest changes made during the design of the Galaxy Book3 series was the change in display ratio from 16:9 to 16:10. While a 16:9 aspect ratio is suitable for media consumption, the 16:10 ratio is much better suited for productivity, such as document or video editing tasks.

The change in display ratio results in a larger screen, which in turn enlarges the palm rest below the keyboard to provide enough space for a larger touchpad, and although a slim PC profile can sometimes result in reduced port support, the Galaxy Book3 series has a full set of ports while maintaining its thinness.

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

Precision engineered details

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

While users rarely find themselves staring at the underside of their laptop, every part of the Galaxy Book3 series has been meticulously crafted, including the parts that typically go unseen. Several components of the device, including the speaker, antenna, air vent, and rubber foot, have been placed on the back of the laptop. For example, in order to alleviate the problem of interference that can occur when an antenna is mounted with metallic materials, plastic parts have been applied to its mounting.

As using different materials for different parts can lead to a change in the overall consistency of the design, the designers of the Galaxy Book3 series have found a way to avoid this by combining the speaker hole and the speaker cover. antenna in a single slot. While it may look like any regular speaker hole, it doubles as an antenna, an innovation that speaks to the level of detail that went into designing the Galaxy Book3 series to keep it as unified as possible while elevating the whole. design quality.

Authentic materials

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

The designers of the Galaxy Book3 series conducted a search for materials that would emphasize the minimalist form of the product, a search that included extensive research in order to land on the right color and texture needed to truly follow the principle of essential design. .

The designers also conducted extensive research to achieve the ideal metallic surface texture and shine of the products and by choosing colors that worked well with that texture, their Color, Material and Finish (CMF) was comprehensive.

The Galaxy Book3 series features an all-aluminum body, reflecting users’ needs for a laptop that is not only highly portable, but also tough enough to retain its shape even after prolonged use.

Shades of nature

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

Laptops are long-lived products, so when designing the Galaxy Book3 series, Samsung understood the importance of instilling a quality appearance in the series that could withstand the test of time. As a result, the neutral color shades of Graphite and Beige convey the premium look of the metal while exuding a warmer energy capable of resonating with users.

Beige, a new color addition to the Galaxy Book3 series, embodies both the strength and solidity of metal while bringing the warmth that comes from its unique color tone, which combine to imbue the Galaxy Book3 series with a distinct and upscale styling. look.

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

The new Galaxy Book3 series is available in a selection of models, including the Galaxy Book3 Pro, Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 with S-Pen and the all-new high-performance Galaxy Book3 Ultra. Users can find the perfect Galaxy Book3 product for them based on their needs, environment and preferences.

From video editing, gaming and sketching ideas to checking documents, studying and more, the Galaxy Book3 series was designed to be the perfect companion to explore your potential.

Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more on the all-new Galaxy Book3 series.

Galaxy Book3 Series – Samsung Global Newsroom

* This article is created to help users better understand the design concept. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Product specifications may vary by country, region, model and carrier.

1 The single glass plane screen only applies to certain models.


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