Fortnite Item Shop June 27: Which New Skins Are Available?


Fortnite Item Shop June 27: Which New Skins Are Available?

It’s Marvel galore in the Fortnite item shop. Today, fans can gain cosmetic items from some of the biggest superheroes and villains from the one of the greatest comic book companies. Along with that, fans can also purchase some other cool stuff from the shop including some funny emotes, pickaxes and many more.

They have time until 8 PM ET on June 27 to buy these amazing items from the shop till it refreshes. Fans may never know when they will return. So it’s better to grab them while you can before it disappears for a long time.


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Fortnite Item Shop stacked with Marvel bundles

There has never been a better opportunity than today to purchase a Marvel character bundle from the Fortnite Item Shop. Starting today, players can purchase the new Thanos skin along with his Infinity Gauntlet and Snap emote. Other than that, the other characters that join Thanos with their bundle on the item shop include:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Ant-Man
  • Venom
  • Captain America
  • Blade
  • Deadpool Mashups
  • Deadpool Gear
  • X-Force Outfits
  • X-Force Gear
  • Black Widow (Snow Suit)
  • Silver Surfer
  • Daredevil

Additionally, players can also buy the Hulk Smashers Harvesting Tool for 1,200 V-Bucks as well.

Source: Marvel

Other featured items available on the item shop

The store is not all about Marvel and its laundry list of iconic characters. Epic Games has also added in other fan-favorite cosmetic items to the shop from The Invasion lobby music to the Starlie outfit. Plus, players can also purchase items from sets like the Terra Firma, Short Fuse and the Flytrap. Other than that, the entire Sica bundle is also available as well.

The Fortnite item shop also includes the Glyphika weapon wrap introduced in Chapter 2 Season 7. Players can also buy the Leapin’, Revel and the Pump Up The Jam Icon Series emote popularized by Perri Kiely today.

Fortnite has a lot of cool items on the shop that will disappear in a few hours. Players rarely have a chance to purchase so many items of characters from the world of Marvel. Along with that, the stuff not related to Marvel looks cool as well, so players should definitely not miss out on checking it out,

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