Football Players Who Enjoy Spending Time In Casinos

Football Players Who Enjoy Spending Time In Casinos


Gambling is something that a few professional football players enjoy doing almost as much as they enjoy playing the game itself. Many professional athletes gamble online as a way to pass the time and have some fun when they are off the field. With all that money sitting in their bank accounts, who could blame them? Not that gambling is for everyone, but there is something that clearly appeals to certain types of players and characters.

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A significant percentage of those players we studied take great pleasure in experiencing the enjoyment of games that involve a live dealer, while the remaining members are enthusiastic fans of free slot machines. In spite of this, they are united by a common trait: a deep-seated excitement for gaming. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top five football players and the casino games that they enjoy playing the most.

We have some big names on the list, and who else better to start with than CR7 himself. He is the most famous and often outspoken footballer right now, and a person who loves to gamble in his spare time.


Cristiano Ronaldo

In terms of this list of famous football players, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in first place. It is well known that the Portuguese celebrity enjoys a good spin at the slot machines or other online gambling games. In point of fact, he has been observed on numerous occasions gambling at a variety of online casinos. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo is a devoted player in the gambling game. It has been reported that he can often be found in casinos worldwide, most likely participating in games of blackjack and roulette. The fact that he is able to exercise self-discipline with regard to his gambling resonates with this commitment to his football career. Still, with a fortune worth over £1 billion, there is more than enough spare change to enjoy a few spins of the reels or hands of blackjack. However, rumours continue to circulate that he has already gambled away more than $150 million of his fortune.

Gianluigi Buffon

Another player in football who is known for gambling is the famous Italian goalkeeper. He is a passionate bettor on sports and has been known to place bets on a wide variety of competitions, from basketball to Formula One. He has a lot of friends with whom he plays poker, and he also enjoys gambling online. With such a high-calibre football career, we imagine his online gaming would follow suit. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him playing at one of the most reputable casino online. It is difficult to conceive of a top-tier Italian player who does not participate in the activity of gambling due to the strong association between the country and gambling. As a result of this, the fact that Buffon is on our roster ought not to come as a shock to anyone. It is reported that Buffon often likes to pass the time in the casino by playing a wide range of table games, spinning the reels of slot machines, and even playing VIP blackjack on occasion.

Mario Balotelli

The Italian forward is just one of several professional football players who enjoys gambling in their spare time. He has been spotted in more than one Italian casino, and some people have even reported seeing him engage in online poker and slot games. In addition, he has a passion for cars, and he routinely publishes online posts about his gambling activities alongside photographs of his collection of vehicles. Additionally, it is commonly known that Mario lost more than $200,000 in a single year due to gambling losses. That is a huge amount of money for anyone, but it is especially impressive for a professional football player. Regardless of the circumstances, it seems quite likely that he will continue to gamble, given his nature and general attitude that we saw so much of on the football field.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, another major name in English football, was known to frequent casinos during his time playing for Manchester United, Everton, and England. If you ever ended up competing against him at one of the tables, he would have been more than happy to strike up a conversation with you as you wait for your turn. He has that character about him, and gambling was clearly a big part of his football career. However, given that he once dropped half a million pounds in a single session in a casino in Manchester, he cannot be considered the most successful gambler on our list. Not by any stretch of the imagination, but that is the calling card of gambling. The casino always wins in the long run, and it’s the huge sums of money that these players drop in a single session that comes across as the most astonishing point. In his autobiography, however, Rooney discussed publicly about the experiences he had with casinos, stating that it was a wake-up call for him to cease gambling and that he hasn’t done so since.


The last of our list sees us with the legendary performer from Brazil. An entertainer on and off the pitch, he has been known to indulge in online poker, slot machines, and even bingo from time to time. In addition, he has a passion for cars and can often be seen on social media talking about his gambling activities alongside photographs of his collection of vehicles. As a result, Neymar is sometimes seen as someone who has the power to popularise online casinos among upcoming football stars. There is little doubt that he is one of the top players in the world, and the fact that he tends to gamble is reflective of his notoriety. At this point in time, Neymar is considered to be one of the best professional football players in the entire world. Known for his partying and outgoing character, the fact he is known to gamble from time to time comes as no surprise to us.

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