Flying during the global pandemic? Follow these 7 things for a safe travel



Flying during the global pandemic? Follow these 7 things for a safe travel




With the pandemic all across the globe, everyone who lives away from their family is hustling to go back to their home.

However, it is important to be informed and take sufficient measures to stay protected and avoid catching the virus.

On an airplane, the main risk of infection comes through the direct contact of infected people and surfaces they came in contact with.

Here are 7 things you must keep in mind if you are flying during the pandemic:


1. Carry essentials

It is extremely important to carry a pack that would keep you safe and sound. This care pack helps you to keep a balance of hygiene and prevents contact with disease-causing surfaces. This pack should include a hand sanitizer, toilet seat disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, tissues and a face mask.

2. Carry your own book

Travellers often have this urge to buy a map or book from during their air travel. However, one should avoid buying pamphlets, maps or books from the airport and carry their own pre-sanitized reading material.


3. Do not touch

There is a high possibility that the surfaces you would be touching, others might have used too like ATMs, bags, check-in machines, elevators and escalators. Avoid touching your face and use plenty of sanitizer before and after coming in contact with these surfaces.

4. Wipe it down

We generally don’t pay attention to wipe and clean whatever we touch, use or sit on. However, it’s extremely important to gently scrub everything down before using it. Before taking your seat, quickly swipe some disinfectant on your seat properly. From back to the tray table, everything should be wiped. Also, keep wiping your personal belongings like phone and handbag with disinfectants at every chance you get.

5. Zip locks

It is extremely important to carry your essential documents and items in an air-locked zip lock bag. Passport, mobile phone and wallets- secure everything up in a bag to avoid bringing them in contact with infected surfaces.

6. Minimise human contact

Prefer technology over human contact and use contactless options as much as possible. Get your boarding pass from the machine, avoid porter service and carry your own luggage making sure you sanitize your hands before and after. For airport outlets, avoid touching common surfaces and maintain a six-foot distance from the staff.

7. Get your own water & food

Avoid consuming flight water and food unless it’s a really long flight. The flight water might not always be clean and it can harm you. So, in order to be fully assured, carry your own water and packed food during your flight in these times.

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