Five annoying habits that make you look like a tech shower

Five annoying habits that make you look like a tech shower

Five annoying habits that make you look like a tech shower

Today’s technology does a wonderful job of keeping people connected. Remote work is a great example of how the world moves forward, powered by people staring at their computer and phone screens, in lonely splendor. But with such use of technology, there are bound to be abuses too, as we knowingly or unknowingly end up doing things that may be unpleasant for others.

No one should aspire to misanthropy – but we’re here to help. Here are five of the most common mistakes you can avoid, if you don’t want to be called a “tech jerk.”

1) Glancing at the screen
This may have happened to you – you are talking to someone and every once in a while their eyes keep moving to the phone screen every time it vibrates. This disease is even more prevalent among smartwatch users, as it is even easier to look at the wrist than to look at a phone lying on the table or in the hand. We’ve been conditioned to jump on every notification, but it makes the person you’re talking to in real life feel like you think the virtual world has more interesting conversations to offer. It’s worse for smartwatch wearers because constantly staring at the wrist makes you feel like you’re judging whether the conversation is worth your time. If this is starting to sound like you, then you might be a tech moron.

There’s another kind of screen stare that’s just as bad and should be avoided by everyone, although this one is just a simple asshole – peeking at random screens that don’t have nothing to do with you. You see it happening everywhere, on the train or at the airport, and even inadvertently in the office. Stop doing it immediately – even if you’re okay with other people watching while you type in your ATM PIN and passwords, the rest of the world isn’t.

2) Be a media playback pig
A media playback pig is the person who, at parties and meetings, starts out by saying “you need to check this out” and then takes over the entire playlist. Sharing your favorite music or videos isn’t bad in itself, but if the person in question is a tech shower, they won’t know when to stop and will keep playing their picks all night long.

There’s a good show business maxim that we should remind everyone – always leave them wanting more. If you don’t want to be known as the tech shower everyone avoids, know when it’s time to quit, especially when you’re at someone else’s house.

3) Repeat call
There are people who just don’t understand the meaning when someone doesn’t pick up the phone call once – it usually means the person isn’t available. Yet the default action for this persistent variety of people is to keep calling over and over and over again, hoping that the phone will somehow slip into the other person’s ear and will answer for itself.

Barring extreme circumstances, the most obvious thing to do when someone doesn’t answer the call once is to leave a text or instant message stating the reason for the phone call. Leaving someone a bunch of missed calls with no follow-up message is a surefire way to label yourself a “tech shower.”

4) Inconsiderate use of the loudspeaker
Some people should be reminded that using a loudspeaker greatly reduces audibility. Still, they’ll easily take speakerphone calls without worry, when they could have just used the earpiece. This is especially true during conference calls, which make it difficult for people to hear, which often results in them being asked to repeat things that are said. Everyone can help themselves and others by using the speakerphone only when there is no other choice but to stick to using the earpiece or headphones during calls whenever possible.

5) Group spam
The last, but certainly not least, offense of the tech shower is adding people to groups on instant messengers like WhatsApp without asking them if they want to be added in the first place. And usually the only activity of the group is to share jokes and other attackers. It’s always nice to ask people before you include them in your daily motivational broadcast messages; Not everyone enjoys spending a few minutes each day opening and closing conversations just to mark them as read.

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Of course, we’ve all been the tech shower at one time or another. We would like to think that we have learned from our mistakes. What do you think? Do you have any pet peeves to share? Sound off in the comments below.


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