FIFA 23 Gameplay Trailer Revealed: HyperMotion 2, Women’s Clubs and More

FIFA 23 Gameplay Trailer Revealed: HyperMotion 2, Women’s Clubs and More

FIFA 23 Gameplay Trailer Revealed: HyperMotion 2, Women's Clubs and More

FIFA 23 – launching on September 30 – has revealed an official deep-dive trailer. EA Sports has unveiled the new FIFA 23 gameplay trailer, detailing what to expect from the latest iteration of its annual football simulation franchise. This year’s FIFA comes with new HyperMotion 2 technology – promising more realism in movement – alongside women’s clubs, new styles of play, cross-play support and two World Cup modes. FIFA 23 is launching on all major platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and Windows PC.

FIFA 23: HyperMotion 2

According to a PlayStation blog post, EA Sports has upgraded its motion capture technology. Called HyperMotion 2, the technology captured visual data from real football matches played by the team from Zaragoza, Spain. It combines real 11v11 recordings with machine learning to deliver realistic moves in FIFA 23 on both the men’s and women’s side.

” 6,000 new football-accurate animations transferred from the pitch directly into the game,” the video explains.

FIFA 23: Women’s Clubs

FIFA 23 also brings two major women’s leagues to the mix – the FA Women’s Super League and the French Division 1 Féminine – which Electronic Arts promises to expand in the future. The developers had two women’s teams play 11-a-side matches and complete drills, to capture accurate data using the aforementioned HyperMotion 2 technology.

FIFA 23 Gameplay Changes

True to tradition, EA Sports has added finer refinements to the gameplay formula – with quick responsiveness and a smooth overall feel to FIFA 23. While dribbling, players will be able to change direction quickly by interrupting the initial animation. This means that by pointing the character to the right, players can quickly switch to the left, canceling the dribble animation. This creates a bodily feint movement.

The sprint has been divided into three archetypes in FIFA 23: explosive, controlled and long. The length is reserved for strong physical players, but it is not limited to just full-backs. “Some of the strong physical attackers will also benefit from this archetype, which means they might not be as fast in the very short distance,” the narrator explains in the video.

The controlled archetype offers continuous acceleration, while the explosive archetype is dedicated to midfielders who might need to take charge of the game from time to time. These players will typically have short-lived stamina on FIFA 23. At this point, EA hasn’t mentioned how exactly these attributes work – as to whether you can choose them at the start of the game or if they’re baked into players.

FIFA 23 has also revamped all of its set piece mechanics. Penalty kicks will feature a circle around the ball, which represents the composure bar. The right timing gives an accurate shot. Likewise, free kicks will allow you to pinpoint the exact spot on the ball you are about to kick, giving you more control over the trajectory. In defense, you can ask a player to lie down behind the wall to avoid any shots on the ground.

The reaction time of the goalkeepers will entirely depend on their vision in FIFA 23. So if a random player is standing right in front of them, they will be slower to react. Other changes include improvements to ball physics, jockey, and new skill moves.

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. Purchasing the Ultimate Edition or subscribing to EA Play Pro gets you three-day early access starting September 27. FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will be available on Nintendo Switch.

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