Fela Told Me To Stop Smiling Too Much When I Was Young – Seun Kuti

Fela Told Me To Stop Smiling Too Much When I Was Young – Seun Kuti

Big Bird, an Afrobeat musician, has spoken about his childhood experiences.

Seun, the youngest son of legendary singer Fela Anikulapo Kuti, revealed what his father taught him when he was younger.

Seun claims that his father taught him how to frown growing up.

Big bird explained that his father suggested the lessons to him because he believed that life required frowns, but he always smiled.

The 39-year-old saxophonist praised his iconic father, saying he eventually mastered the act of frowning in such a way that no one can resist his eyes when he’s doing it.

He said:

Fun fact. My dad used to give me frowning lessons. He said I was always smiling and life needs frowning. Abami. You too much.

When I frown ehn, nobody fit stand the eyes.

Pheelz Reveals How Church Influenced His Music Career

Pheelz, a popular Nigerian producer and singer born Philip Kayode and known by his stage name, has spoken about how the church fueled his music career.

The ‘Electricity’ singer revealed this during an interview with the BBC Focus on Africa podcast.

The 27-year-old, who began his transition into a musician with the release of his debut EP ‘Hear Me Out,’ said he decided to become a musician at the age of five after seeing a church choir perform.

Church Choir Performance Fuelled My Decision

I have always seen myself on stage, that’s the one thing I was sure about from 5. Because I got my first introduction into music when I was five and that was my first encounter in church,” he said.

You know churches in Nigeria, we have the children church and we have the adult church. So that was my first time in the adult church and I wasn’t even on the stage.

I just walked into the adult church and saw the choir singing and the way it had impact on people’s emotions. How some people would cry, some people would roll on the floor.

It was a crazy scene to see for a five-year-old. From there I was like I wanna do this, this is what I wanna do.

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