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Feeling drained? 3 simple steps to reboot your energy


Feeling drained? 3 simple steps to reboot your energy

Feeling drained? 3 simple steps to reboot your energy

Have you ever felt drained mentally? If yes, then maybe it’s the time for you to reboot your energy. Tough work schedule and boring daily routine make us frustrated with extreme fatigue and boredom.

As a result, our energy gets drained and then we slow-down. We feel tired and exhausted. You need to focus on your mental and physical well-being.

This does require rebooting to get back to your best performance level. And for that, you need to follow these simple ways to get back your lost energy.

Why do we feel drained?

It is often recommended to be engaged in some kind of creative work to ward off fatigue and stress. But this makes the condition even worse because prolonged stress doesn’t allow you to think creatively. You can get over with your physical tiredness with a sound sleep but not with your mental stress. Physical tiredness occurs for long working hours and daily activities. But mental stress is created by us with our biases, misconceptions, judgements, etc. They are all connected to our mind.

Symptoms of exhaustion

When you feel completely drained mentally, you may experience these changes in your mind and body:


Muscle weakness.

Stomach pain.

Loss of appetite.

Disturbances in sleeping.


Anger without any reason.

Lack of motivation and productivity.

How do they affect us?

When you start to face these symptoms, it directly affects your life. For example:

You cannot focus on anything.

You get intolerant towards others and yourself.

You cannot accept your surroundings and circumstances.

Your performance level is decreased.

3 Steps to reboot your energy

Try this 3-step method to reboot your energy:

1. When you experience changes in your life, you have to accept the changed circumstances no matter what. So, the best thing at that moment is to let go of all the things that you are attached to because they are actually inducing the stress in you. You even don’t have to isolate yourself from anything. Just forget about the old things for a while and try to embrace the new. You may not want to leave that thing behind you because that’s important for you. So, for this, you can try disconnecting yourself completely from social media. And practice breathing exercises and mild yoga on a daily basis.

2. After the first step, when you are sure that you have left all the old things behind, it’s time to recreate your energy with step number two. Here, you don’t have to do any activities. You are free and have created space for new things in your life. So, observe this stillness with slow breathing. If you want to move your body, then walk slowly in circles. This will help you to recreate your energy.

3. Now, practice to give your life a passive approach. Here, you need to understand your ability before putting your effort on to something. But never try to overreact or pour all your energy on that. Try to give your best within your limit and accept the situation with positivity. And don’t try to change or mould it in your own way; this will make you feel drained again.

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