‘F*ck Them’- AEW’s Dustin Rhodes Furious Over WWE Naming Piper Niven, ‘Doudrop’

‘F*ck Them’- AEW’s Dustin Rhodes Furious Over WWE Naming Piper Niven, ‘Doudrop’

On this week’s episode of Raw, WWE pulled a shocker by renaming Piper Niven. The NXT UK star got a horrid name that sent the WWE Universe flying into a rage. ‘Doudrop’ is the newest member of Raw, and AEW superstar Dustin Rhodes is not happy about it.

Dustin Rhodes angry at WWE

Despite having a long and storied career in WWE, Dustin Rhodes has found a new home in AEW. Alongside his brother and sister-in-law, he’s part of a movement, the vision of which is to dethrone WWE as the apex of pro wrestling. So far, they’ve been doing a good job, but they aren’t there yet.

Recently, Dustin responded to Triple H’s comments on the NXT Women’s Division. The NXT head honcho, as he should, praised the NXT women’s roster and claimed it was the best in the world. In response, Dustin claimed WWE only had money while AEW had an actual passion for the sport.

‘F*ck Them’- AEW’s Dustin Rhodes Furious Over WWE Naming Piper Niven, ‘Doudrop’

Ignore the fact that Tony Khan, AEW’s President is worth $7 billion, but AEW have done a good job rebuilding their women’s division. While the NXT Women’s roster is often the focal point of their product, AEW’s female wrestlers rarely featured on Dynamite and PPV.

With WWE low-balling Piper Niven and naming her Doudrop, Dustin had the perfect chance to snap at WWE. Rhodes left a comment on Inside the Ropes Instagram post, saying only, F*ck them.”

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What’s next for Doudrop and Eva Marie?

On Raw, Eva Marie and Doudrop teamed up to take on Naomi and Asuka in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Doudrop dominated the match, but Eva Marie tagged herself in and capitalised on the damage her teammate did. However, when Marie asked for a tag, Doudrop refused to tag her in, allowing Naomi to pin her.

Having cost her a shot at a Women’s Title opportunity, one must assume the friendship between Doudrop and Eva Marie is over. However, even WWE won’t end this friendship so quickly, given how useful Eva could be for the new roster member. Not only as a tag partner but also as a future opponent down the line.

With the women’s roster in WWE becoming more wrestling centric, a name like Eva Marie just doesn’t fit. However, Doudrop, or rather Piper Niven can carry her through the rest of her WWE run. Just for this reason, WWE should keep them together for at least a few months.

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