‘F–king Dumba–es’: Draymond Green Blasts Critics for Passing Ball to Steph Curry


‘F–king Dumba–es’: Draymond Green Blasts Critics for Passing Ball to Steph Curry

The Warriors, ever since 2014-15, constantly have four pillars to support their dome. Those are Steph Curry (2009), Klay Thompson (2011), Draymond Green (2012), and Steve Kerr (2014), in that order. With these names intact, the franchise went on a five-year successful run that felt every bit comparable to the Bulls’ era in the 90s. 

However, they’ve all had their fair share of tough times too. The Splash Brothers & their injuries, the head coach & his exceeding responsibilities with low retention rate, and Draymond Green with all the criticism. Now, Steph & Klay are set to play together in 2021-22 while coach Kerr has proved his worth again in 2020-21. 

But what about Dray? Does he have anything to say to his haters?

Draymond Green unleashed fire bullets over his attackers

In August 2018, LeBron James and Maverick Carter created Uninterrupted, a chat show for the athletes to talk freely. So in its recent episode, Draymond Green showed up and discussed a variety of things. That’s when he discussed the constant criticism on why he deputizes on the court and does not take much ownership.

The 31-YO angrily expressed, “That’s why there’s a lot of unsuccessful people and a lot of f**king dumba**es. And you can tell by the criticism that comes to you. I’ve found that solace in that over the last couple years. And just like listening to people and what that say, and the criticism, it actually shows how f**king stupid people are through their criticism.”

Draymond is a 3x NBA All-Star and the 2016-17 steal champion. He is versatile, great at finding open teammates, shares a camaraderie with Curry, and has a decent spot-up shooting. Still, criticism of his name is nothing new.

Draymond Green of Warriors
Feb 20, 2021; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) reacts to receiving a technical foul during the second half at Spectrum Center against the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets won 102-100. Mandatory Credit: Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

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Why does Dray pass so often to Steh Curry and not take shots by himself?

Draymond Green has never been much of a three-point shooter and his trainers agree that they don’t practise it all that much. In his career-best 2015-16 season, the Dancing Bear averaged 38.8% but attempted just 3.2 shots per game. And in 2020-21, his efficiency hit an eight-year low of 27%. 

But what’s worth pointing out is, his assist ability reached its career-best at 8.9 ppg this year. He knew that Steph Curry was back at the MVP level and it was only wise to let him make the important shots.

As Day-Day further added, “people say ‘Draymond, you should shoot!’ But if I can get that Steph Curry the ball for a f***king shot, why would I shoot? You’re actually a f***king idiot for thinking I should shoot, because I can get him the shot. And if he’s half open, he’s better than anyone else in the world.”

That’s a real leader talking because he does not let personal accolades come between what’s the right thing to do. The world saw how he has been effective against LeBron James and it is enough to speak for his credibility.

Do you agree with this assessment or do you think his shooting issues lead to less breathing space for Curry? Help us know in the comments below.

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