Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld ( Part 1 ) – Romantic Story

Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld ( Part 1 ) – ( Read Full Story )  


I could feel her nipple it was so hard and that was it my pants were now full of sticky spunk. / I thought she was going to remove my hand but instead Julia placed it between her legs she felt so warm. / She began wiping my pre-cum over the tip of my cock with her thumb.

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It was just under two and a half years before l finished my education to joined the big wide world as far as l was concerned there was nothing else anyone could teach me, but l was wrong very wrong. I was part of a small group who needed extra English lessons and as you read my story, you’ll see l didn’t pay much attention. I never took much notice, but the teacher Mrs Renauld’s would run her fingers through my hair as she passed me while l was sat at my desk and often tell me l had soft hair.

One afternoon l was kept in to read to Mrs Renauld’s because l did not complete the homework she set and as l read she was twirling the hair at the back of my head, l paused what l was reading and glanced sideways to see right into her blouse due to one of her buttons being undone the sight of Mrs Renauld’s bra with a good view of tit made it hard to now concentrate on what l was reading. She closed the book and asked if l was alright, l stuttered l was a bit hot, Mrs Renauld’s ran her fingers through my hair smiled and was looking at me in a way she hadn’t done before then put her arm over my shoulder which didn’t help the erection growing in my pants because now the view into her blouse got better thanks to Mrs Renauld’s bra, l could see her nipple how l didn’t shoot my load l will never know. Don’t ask me why or what l was thinking, but l put my hand onto her leg and blurted out how l liked her, l was waiting to be told that remark will cost me a year’s detention, but she pulled me to her tits then kissed me on the lips the next thing l know Mrs Renauld’s is pushing me away apologising how sorry she was for kissing me the whole thing was mind blowing, my legs were like jelly, l must have looked a bit off colour because Mrs Renauld’s asked if l needed to go home, well if l had the chance to get out of school l would take it, so she gave me a note explaining l was unwell.

I was halfway home when Mrs Renauld’s pulled up asking if l needed a lift, l explained there was no rush for me to get home as no one would be home till 4.30pm, she told me to get into her car and we’ll go to the café on the common which was a converted van, and she’ll treat me to a coke, well l was in no rush. On the way to the common we chatted about nothing in particular, Mrs Renauld’s parked and l waited in her car while she got the drinks it was when she came back that she said l could call her Julia, then brought up the kiss we had and how if anyone found out she would be in a lot of trouble, l confessed that l liked her and enjoyed the kiss, she gave me a smile admitting she also enjoyed our kiss then leant over pressed her lips to mine her tongue parted my lips so l followed her lead putting my tongue into her mouth and as much as l was enjoying kissing Mrs Renauld’s all l could think about was the growing shaft between my legs and the tingling sensation buzzing in my balls, l kept saying to myself ‘don’t cum, don’t cum’, we broke from our kiss and l managed to avoid shooting my load. She notice me keep looking at her half open blouse, Julia looked about the car park then took hold of my hand and slid it under her blouse to rest on her bra, l froze and with some encouragement she told me l could feel her tit. I can’t remember if my hand was shaking but most probably it was, my hand slipped into her bra and l could feel her nipple it was so hard and that was it my pants were now full of sticky spunk as we kissed again l could feel her hand reaching into my trousers and before l could stop her, Mrs Renauld’s hand was covered in my spunk she smiled and remarked “maybe she rushed me” then whispered “relax” which was easy for her to say, but she did clean up the mess in my pants with a tissue.

The next day was the only time l ever looked forward to school and couldn’t wait for the English lesson which happened to be the last lesson of the day and week. Mrs Renauld’s was wearing a knee length patterned dress with a cardigan nothing sexy or flirty, well she was in her late 40s and a teacher, but l knew something the rest of my small group of classmates didn’t know, Mrs Renauld’s had firm tits and she had felt my cock. The lesson was the same as usual apart from the smile Mrs Renauld’s gave me when l sat down and the fucking awkward erection growing in my pants. Each time she wrote on the blackboard her bum wiggled my mind drifted off wondering what colour knickers she might be wearing which didn’t help my erection or my concentration l couldn’t wait for the lesson to be over, l purposely finished my work last and when l handed in the paper Mrs Renauld’s (Julia) asked if l could go with her to bring some boxes from the old prefab classrooms. As soon as everyone left the classroom Julia and l went to the old prefabs, she locked us in and we began kissing l felt more confident and put a hand under her skirt she grabbed my wrist l thought she was going to remove my hand but instead Julia placed it between her legs she felt so warm, next her hands were undoing my trousers, Julia gripped my shaft and whispered “relax and breathe”, slowly she eased my foreskin down my shaft then up again, she looked me in the eyes and smiled we began kissing once again and after some fumbling my hand was in her knickers l couldn’t believe l was feeling real pussy hair which wasn’t as thick and curly as the women l had seen in porno mags, but it did feel good my fingers found her pussy hole, l’m sure l stopped breathing for a few seconds. Julia’s hole was very wet and warm l eased two fingers inside her and she lowered herself down onto them then let out a soft moan before raising herself upward, Julia did this many times working up a fast rhythm then lifted herself off my fingers and without saying a word got to her knees rolled my foreskin almost to the base of my shaft. First l felt her hot breath on the head of my cock then her soft lips gripped my shaft tightly before taking the whole length right to the back of her throat. As Julia slowly moved her mouth back and forth over my shaft, she was making soft low moans l could smell her shampoo as l ran my fingers through her hair, my pre-cum must have begun to trickle from my urethral because Julia started sucking my cock harder l instinctively held the side of her head and began fucking her mouth, each time she took my cock to the back of her throat the muscles gripped the head of my cock l couldn’t hold back any longer and thrust forward and the first creamy load shot straight down Julia’s throat she started sucking the head of my shaft hard as if to suck the spunk from my balls, but she didn’t have to because my creamy load shot from my urethral like water from a fireman’s hose, l wasn’t sure if Julia was choking due to the amount of spunk l was shooting or how fast l was emptying my balls into her mouth the sound of her swallowing load after load sounded so good then l was empty she kept my foreskin rolled down my shaft and licked from my scrotum to the tip of my cock several times before taking each of my balls in turn into her mouth to suck. I really can’t say how l managed to stand after having my first ever blowjob done to me, l was sucked off and drained. We took some boxes back to the classroom then l went home and since it was a Friday l had to wait till Monday afternoon till l would see Mrs Renauld’s (Julia) again.




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