Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld ( Part 2 ) – Romantic Story

Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld’s

Extra lessons from Mrs Renauld ( Part 2 ) – ( Read Full Story )  


I could feel her nipple it was so hard and that was it my pants were now full of sticky spunk. / I thought she was going to remove my hand but instead Julia placed it between her legs she felt so warm. / She began wiping my pre-cum over the tip of my cock with her thumb.

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Over the weekend all l could think about was Julia and what she was going to teach me on Monday, l was becoming eager to learn everything. I had already learnt that the female teachers loved complements such as their hair always looked nice or their eyes make them look mysterious, but a complement on their clothing always got me a gold star and a lovely smile.

I think Julia had missed me as much as l missed her because she came and got me from my last lesson before break and we went to the old prefab classrooms. Once she locked the door, we were in each other’s arms with our lips pressed together and tongue’s searching each other’s mouth’s. Julia eagerly began undoing my belt lowering my trousers and pants, her knickers were around her ankles, she kicked them off and whispered “l want you inside me”, believe it or not l hadn’t a clue what she meant. Julia lay on her back before me, l slid a couple of fingers into her pussy her juices ran from her hole like a river she told me to stop teasing then the penny dropped, Julia wanted my cock rammed firmly into her wet hole the next thing to cross my mind was ‘breathe and relax’, looking down between her legs l noticed her sex juices were stuck to her pussy hairs like a spiders web. Lowering myself between her legs she guided my mouth to one of her nipples which l began suckling, Julia gave a sigh and softly said “l want you in me” and after a little fumbling, the head of my cock parted her pussy lips then slowly unfolded over my shaft, l pushed my hips downwards the further my cock slid inside her l could feel Julia’s inner muscles gripping my cock the sensation was out of this world there is no way to describe the fantastic feeling that spread over me starting at the end of my cock and ending in my toes. When my shaft was almost fully inserted deep inside Julia, she let out a massive cry and began panting, thinking l had hurt her l paused, she excitedly told me “don’t stop”, l half slid my shaft from her hole then back up inside her warm wet pussy, l repeated my movement getting faster. Julia began gulping in mouthfuls of air her legs were holding me tightly in place between her legs, she yelled “harder!” l really drove my shaft into her pussy my balls were slapping loudly against her hole the tingling between my legs was telling me l was about to empty the hot creamy spunk stored in my balls deep inside my teacher. I didn’t think about l wasn’t wearing a condom or wondered if Julia was on the pill all l wanted to do was shoot my load deep inside her warm pussy where Julia’s inner muscles were gripping the whole of my shaft, my first sticky load shot from my cock head, she dug her nails into my back and let out “oh god, oh god yes!”, l gave a thrust downwards to give her inside another creamy filling, she began making soft whimpers, l gave another forceful thrust of my cock deep into her hole and released another load the tingling in my balls slowly faded and the last of my spunk dribbled from my urethral into Julia’s womb. Neither one of us could speak we lay catching our breath my now slippery shaft rested on Julia’s inner thigh in the distance we heard the break bell sound, quickly dressing Julia escorted me to my next lesson which was art.

The art teacher Ms Giles was normally a happy go lucky woman, but on this day, she was in an exceptionally bad mood perhaps it was her time of the month or she had boyfriend trouble, everyone was shouted at for some reason or another. It got to the end of the lesson and like always everyone was stood behind their desks before being dismissed. Ms Giles was standing in front of my desk and without thinking l spoke to a friend next to me, she spun around and slapped me across the face for talking l can’t say it didn’t hurt. When everyone went to their next lesson, Ms Giles was sat at her desk, l went over and before she could asked what l wanted, l just blurted out “don’t you ever do that to me again”, her jaw dropped open then before turning to walk out the classroom l told her she had a nice smile and should try showing it more often. When l got to English Mrs Renauld’s (Julia) was waiting in the corridor and before going in she asked about Ms Giles slapping me across the face, it seemed one of my classmates had mentioned the incident, Julia said she will be talking to Ms Giles later, before going into the classroom we had a quick kiss. I was finding it hard to keep my mind on what Julia was trying to teach due to the many erotic fantasies going through my head, had she taken her knickers off ready for the after class extra lessons or was she going to suck my cock and drink the creamy load building up in my balls. Julia set out the work and left the classroom returning just before the bell sounded everyone handed in their books and left, l stay sat at my desk waiting to be told by Julia to follow her to the old prefab classrooms, but today she didn’t Julia locked the door and sat on the edge of her desk beckoned me over with her finger we began kissing, she broke from our kiss and asked if l would like to go to the cinema that evening, don’t be silly l thought and straight away answered “Yeah!”, Julia had booked the 6.30pm showing of Jaws. Our kissing led to her taking my cock out then sliding out of her knickers her pussy was always warm and slightly damp, she began wanking me as l fumbled with her moist hole, Julia whispered “put it in me” l was well averse to what she wanted by these words, but l wasn’t expecting her to lean onto her desk lift her skirt and pull her bum cheeks apart to give me access to her glistening pussy hole, l buried my shaft into her inviting hole she gasped l took hold of her hips and wasted no time in fucking her hard and fast Julia’s gasps turned to sighs and moans, giving a hard thrust of my shaft into her she knew l was ready to deliver a full creamy load deep inside her warm cock gripping hole. Julia pushed herself back onto me l kept a tight grip on her hips and pumped load after load into her womb, she must have had one hell of an orgasm because her whole body shook, Julia softly cried “please don’t move, please don’t move” in between gasps and pants. Easing my shaft from her sticky dripping pussy she stay laid across the desk my spunk and her juices were running down Julia’s inner thighs, after she had cleaned herself l left the classroom looking forward to going to the cinema that evening.





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