Everything you can find on Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios

Everything you can find on Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios

Everything you can find on Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios

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Super Nintendo World is officially open for business at Universal Studios Hollywood in California. The Nintendo-themed world is the first of two parks coming to North America and follows the original Super Nintendo World which opened at Universal Studios Japan in 2021. A third Super Nintendo World will eventually come to Orlando, Florida. Here’s everything Mario Park has to offer (including Easter eggs).

There are five games in total, as well as the Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge augmented reality ride. Each victory nets you a key, and three keys unlock the final showdown with Bowser Jr. to collect the Golden Mushroom.

The Bowser Jr. game was my favorite. It involves dodging Bullet Bill, hitting Bob-omb, and jumping for power-ups.

Showdown with Bowser Jr.

Oliver Padilla/CNET

The Mario Kart ride was the first time I tried augmented reality. There’s an awesomely designed physics race track, but your opponents and weapons are AR. You can aim by moving your head and launch shells at opponents and enemies by pressing buttons on your steering wheel. Beware, the Bowser team is pretty good. I lost both times I went against them.

Augmented reality adds another layer of immersion to the Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge ride.

Oliver Padilla/CNET

If you get hungry, you can get a wide variety of themed meals at Toadstool Cafe, courtesy of Chef Toad. The Luigi Burger looked tempting, but I went with Yoshi’s favorite fruit and vegetable salad as I still had time to make. There’s also a lemonade and a special Sprite drink with fizzy boba and mango jelly. For the more daring, there’s Bowser’s Fireball Challenge, a huge spicy meatball with puff pastry in the shape of Bowser’s head.

And for all you Easter egg hunters, there are also four eight-bit characters hidden on screens built into walls across the land for you to discover with your Power-Up party (sold at the park for $40), so keep your eyes wide.

The 8-bit Princess Peach character easter egg.

Oliver Padilla/CNET

Overall, Super Nintendo World definitely tries to appeal to all ages. Personally, I would have liked more physical challenges or obstacle course type experiences. Each person in your party who wants to play the games will need a Power-Up Band, which adds an upsell element to the trip, much like the magic wands in Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter area. Power-Up Bands double as Amiibo, allowing you to unlock features in Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that match the character reflected on the tape.

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