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Erigga – Ballads Of a Lost Boy Lyrics


Erigga – Ballads Of a Lost Boy Lyrics
My name Erigga for those when just enter my school of thoughts
The things with thought before motivation we been on top but still am lost
Lost in my thoughts finding fault
Is it mine is it yours, funny thoughts
Before the story drop why don’t we take shot
Warri Criss 1997 enter 1999 really shape my thinking
Lost a lot of my bros and sist in a blinking

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Forget the oil for ground I refind the one for my head
Made money but am still lost parts of me still lost
Toast to the thinking entitledment go fit make us rich
People switch, like fake nyash and real yansh still hard to tell which is which
Lost in the women and the drinking smoking and hoping
That one day my government go serve me
Dem no tell me before switch to investing in myself

Empty my savings
1999 for okumage avenue 9 erieovo
Darkest part of the getto everyone know
Africa wake he dey happen
People dey hear the sound now e dey happen
Brezz go blow small small politicians yansh go open
Fowl dey beat ole now e dey happens
Sleeping sons of jacob e dey happen
Everyday for the thief but one dey for who catch am e dey happen
Erigga too God Abeg make dem dash with all the things he’s been through nothing scratch am
When God say na your time na your time
No matter the continent’s when you dey na still the same time but at the same time we dey grind


I know people when tell me say album go flop
Fast forward them shock to see am they pop
I rather dey on top chart than on top your girl
Money na the only friend we fit rely on well
Na me be that basket when be say dey fetch water
Just to disgrace bucket, stop playing with me
If you go tru alot my brother go come, stop playing with me
We have all been there no use sub me, disturb me
Na beggie biggie make you feel say ur brother stingy
Entitlement na disease enter pharmacy
For am to pain I gats talk am for pidgin
Nobody owe you chin chin so brother namaste

2016 I Dey cell dey think my life
Dey write for wall I swear I almost mentos
For matter when no concern me them come find me
Hand cuff me like arm robber when dey pem tools
That was then I no sure say e fit happen again
I’m wiser now money dey I can’t complain
Never to catch falling knife leave them talk
Na riebina na una be we no be blood God
A king and a slave for it is both our duties to serve others
Ballads of a lost boy

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