Emtee reveals he is in good terms with his father


Emtee reveals he is in good terms with his father


Emtee has decided to open up on the relationship he has with his father.

This is coming after a tweep asked the star what his relationship with his father is like now following the lyric of his song titled, “Mama”.

The single “Mama” is part of the albums he dropped in 2017 titled, “Avery”.

Part of the lyrics read : “Look after my Mama and my sister, Lord, please
I don’t know about my daddy, haven’t seen that man in weeks
K’yafana we hardly speak
Little brother needs some sneaks
So I’m not paying for no freaks
The best things in life are free.”

Reacting to this, Emtee quickly clarify that he is in good terms with his father as his kids are hos best friends now.

He said: “Fuck you mean? Me n my pops cool. We had beef for some time but by Gods grace. We good. My kids are my best friends so unya uthini?”.

Earlier back in 2019 Emtee’s parents once made headlines opening up about how they were in conflict with their in laws (Emtee’s girlfriend parents).

According to Emtee’s father: “We are going public about this because we believe that our son is in trouble and he needs help to see the way because he’s lost.”

He pleaded with the We Up hitmaker not to tie the knot with Chinsamy because she was allegedly after his money.

“We are saying this because in March, Emtee and Nicole organised a party for their second-born child. We went there to celebrate with them, but the party nearly degenerated into a physical fight between my wife and Nicole’s mother.

“As we were busy celebrating the party, Nicole’s mother accused my wife of spreading rumours that she [Nicole’s mother] was eating Emtee’s money. There was a big argument and they almost beat each other up. Nicole’s mother told us that we must never set foot in her house, she doesn’t want to see us anymore.” 

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