Elon Musk at Gadgets 360: “Several major UI updates coming in January”

Elon Musk at Gadgets 360: “Several major UI updates coming in January”

Elon Musk at Gadgets 360: "Several major UI updates coming in January"

Elon Musk recently started responding to some Twitter users who tag him and has been known to launch into conversations on the platform he now owns. During a recent chat about improving Twitter’s UI, Musk responded to a Gadgets 360 staff member’s suggestion and also said that “several major UI improvements” are in progress. come in January. As Twitter’s current CEO, Musk has made sweeping changes to the service and also introduced tiny tweaks, some of which appear to be experiments. More recently, Twitter has started showing views and interaction stats for each tweet to demonstrate that even if few people actively comment or like tweets, they are read.

On Friday afternoon, Musk launched a poll on Twitter asking users whether view counts should be displayed on the left or right of the tweet’s UI. The new metric is currently displayed on the left, taking precedence over the Reply, Retweet, and Like indicators. At the end of the polling period, 54.3% of users had voted to move it to the right, while 45.7% seemed happy with the current location. The poll spawned several threads about other UI changes Twitter might be considering.

Gadgets 360 staff member Pranav Hegde responded to Musk by pointing out the space wasted by text labels for views, likes, retweets and quote tweets below each tweet on the service’s mobile UI. and suggesting that using icons instead might make it all fit on one line.

Musk replied in the affirmative, indicating that Twitter had already thought about it or would implement this change following his suggestion. Other users commenting on the thread made additional suggestions regarding the use of screen space, while others pointed out UI bugs and others made jokes about the Musk’s habit of throwing polls and making impulsive changes.

The future CEO, who has vowed to step down after finding a suitable successor, has made numerous changes to Twitter’s functionality since taking office, including a complete reimagining of identity verification blue checkmarks and a plan to revised Twitter Blue subscription. . He announced that he intends to allow all users to edit tweets and is working to increase the 280 character limit to 4,000, which would fundamentally change the way Twitter is used.


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