DStv Premium Package Price & Channels List

DStv Premium Package Price & Channels List


In South Africa, the premium package comes with 158 television and radio channels, making it the ultimate in the pack. However, you may want to think of it as more extensive, juicier meat.

Expectedly, as in almost all things premium, subscribers get to fork over more than the usual fees that come with packages in the lower leagues, packages with fewer channels and fewer choices. In other words, subscribers get to pay more money for more channels.

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Unlike the Indian, EasyView, Access, Family, Compact and Compact Plus packages, with subscription fees running from R260 to R539 monthly, the premium package ranges from R779 to R909 monthly depending on the type of package, which includes streaming, decoder and both.

DStv Premium Package Categories and Different Price Plans

Stream Only Plan
Price: (R829/PM)

  • Internet connection and streaming device required
  • Month to month payment

Decoder & Stream Plan
Price: (R779/PM)

  • Decoder installation required
  • A 24-month contract excludes an access fee, payable monthly via debit order.

Decoder & Stream Plan
Price: (R909/PM)

  • Includes an Explora Ultra
  • The 24-month contract includes an access fee, payable monthly via debit order and free delivery.

Decoder & Stream Plan
Price: (R899/PM)

  • Consists of an Explora Ultra + Installation
  • The 24-month contract includes an access fee, payable monthly via debit order and free delivery.

DStv Premium Package Channels List

DStv Premium Documentaries and Lifestyle

The documentary channels on DStv are among the most popular. They bring to the viewer aspects of life in the past and the present – life not just of man but of animals, making it the total package for a luminous experience. Do you want to know two of our favourites from this bouquet? They are Crime and Investigation Network and National Geographic.

Channel NumberName
181National Geographic
189Ignition TV
182NatGeo Wild
178Fashion One
176The Home Channel
174BBC Lifestyle
190Spice TV
186The History Channel
179Travel Channel
175Food Network
171Discovery ID
170Crime and Investigation Network
121Discovery Channel

DStv Premium Sports Channels on DStv Premium

Sports is a universal language in that it unites peoples and nations. So if you’re a sports freak – a lover of football, boxing, basketball and other sports – you’ve got a bouquet of channels to pick from to satiate your hunger for sports news. Moreover, with these channels, one gets to watch sporting events live.

Channel NumberName
226SuperSport 6
223SuperSport 3
200SuperSport Blitz
236SuperSport Maximo 2
212SuperSport 12
211SuperSport 11
210SuperSport 10
229SuperSport 9
228SuperSport 8
227SuperSport 7
225SuperSport 5
224SuperSport 4
222SuperSport 2
221SuperSport 1
723Canal+ Sports 1
724Canal+ Sports 2
220Blitz Africa

DStv Premium Movie Channels

The movie channels on DStv cover the likes of African Magic and Comedy Central. As the name implies, these channels are more like storehouses for films of disparate genres and origins, from South Africa to Britain, Nigeria and the United States. There’s something for just about everyone.

Channel NumberName
157Africa Magic Yoruba
135Discovery TLC
124E! Entertainment
132CBS Reality
122Comedy Central
117Universal TV
160Maisha Magic Bongo
159AfricaMagic Igbo
158Maisha Magic East
156AfricaMagic Hausa
142EVA +
152AfricaMagic Epic
136Discover Family
126FOX life
123ITV Choice
120BBC Brit
166ZEE World
452Zee TV
451B4U Movies
164Mzansi Bioskop
163Mzansi Wethu
161Mzansi Magic
154AfricaMagic Family
153AfricaMagic Urban
137TNT Africa
128Sony Max
112Studio Universal
151AfricaMagic Showcase
102M-Net Africa
1031 Magic
115M-Net City
160Zambezi Magic
167Star Life
901M-Net Plus 1
104M-Net Movies Premiere
104M-Net Movies Premiere HD
105M-Net Movies Smile
106M-Net Movies Action +
110M-Net Movies Action
111M-Net Movies All Stars
137TNT Africa HD
139M-Net Movies Zone
151AfricaMagic Showcase HD
158Maisha Magic East HD

DStv Premium Kids and Teens Channels

Kids and Teens. There you have another fairly explanatory storehouse of channels on the DStv Premium package. The channels on this list are safe for teens and kids, and there’s zero chance of adult content popping there. So you can let your kids watch stuff on this list without fear of somehow corrupting their minds.

Channel NumberName
309Disney Junior
303Disney channel
301Cartoon Network
318Da Vicni Learning
310Jim Jam
304Disney XD
313PBS Kids

DStv Premium Music Channels

The music channels on DStv premium are more than a dozen. The channels bring you an eclectic mix of genres and an equally disparate mix of artists worldwide. So, whatever your taste in music, chances are you will find something interesting in this basket. No qualms.

Channel NumberName
189POP Central
332Trace Gospel
325Trace Urban
325TRACE Naija
326AFRO Music English
324Hip TV
322MTV Base
327Sound City

DStv Premium News Channels

The DStv premium package also offers a bouquet of news channels so that viewers can follow global trends, conversations in international politics and more. News about the Arab World, the United States, the United Kingdom and local politics in South Africa are covered. A rich news basket you have here.

Channel NumberName
401CNN International
449CGTN French
413NDTV 24 x 7
412Business Day TV
411Bloomberg Television
410CNBC Africa
408Parliamentary Service
407Russia today
406Al Jazeera
404SABC News
400BBC World News
416Arise News
445EuroNews German
438EuroNews French
421Joy News
415CNC World
280Adom TV
402Sky News
403eNews Channel Africa
180Peoples Weather
728France 2
736FRANCE 24
448CGTN Documentary
409CGTN News
405Newzroom Afrika

DStv Premium Religious Channels

If you’re a person of faith and desire moments of spiritual elevation watching television, the DStv premium package has got you covered, mate. With about ten channels on faith and religion, from Christianity to Islam, you should be able to find a medium that suits your soul.

Channel NumberName
349Dove TV
348Eternal Word Television Network
342Day Star
347Islam Channel
350Lumen Christi
390Emmanuel TV
680TV Mundial (P)

DStv Premium Specialist and Foreign Channels

Specialist and Foreign is a storehouse of foreign channels. From this list of channels, you can pick a thing or two about the Chinese and the Dutch. Channels on this list will, especially interest language exchange peeps and those with eyes on international relations and diplomacy.

Channel NumberName
481China Movie Channel
480CCTV Entertainment
447CCTV 4
446Deutsche Welle
437TV5 Monde Afrique
431Beste van Nederlands
430RAI International
485Phoenix News and Entertainment
483Hunan TV
482Shanghai Dragon TV

DStv Premium Local Channels

True to its name, the local channels list covers several local programmes. Some of these channels are available elsewhere, and one can watch them without having to pay subscription fees – but not on the DStv network. On this list are comedy and news networks—some of them funded by the Federal Government while others are private ventures.

Channel NumberName
259Wazobia Max
418TVC News Nigeria
370NTA parliament
419NTA News 24
251NTA I
369NTA 2
256Lagos TV
258Galaxy TV
254Channels TV
261Arewa 24
165Ebony Life TV



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