Documentary “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix: what the royal family could reveal

Documentary “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix: what the royal family could reveal

Documentary "Harry & Meghan" on Netflix: what the royal family could reveal

The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan, Netflix’s new documentary series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their life away from the British royal family, debuted on Netflix on Thursday. Three more episodes will be released on December 15.

Internet commentators are taking sides, with some saying Harry and Meghan should just keep their private lives private. Others believe the couple have the right to share their own experiences, royal or not.

The first three episodes covered Harry and Meghan’s childhood, meeting and courtship, and their controversial relationship with the paparazzi. Episode 3 covers the preparation for the royal wedding, which included delicate relationships with Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, and half-sister, Samantha. Much of what this half of the series covers has already been revealed, but here’s a look at 10 of the most interesting things viewers have learned in the three episodes so far.

1. The couple’s nicknames

Meghan calls Harry “Haz”, which she apparently picked up from the friend who introduced them. (Anyone who watched Harry’s skit with James Corden already knew this.) Sometimes she calls him “H.” Once in the series, he calls her “M”, but we learn that her friends and family mostly call her “Meg”. (Her first name is actually Rachel, although the show does not specify why she prefers her middle name.) In fact, days before the royal wedding, Meghan realizes that texts supposedly from her hospitalized father are actually written by someone else, in part because the lyrics call her “Meghan” rather than “Meg”.

2. Archie has an accent

We don’t see much of Archie, the eldest of the couple, who is now 3 years old, in the first three episodes. (And none of his younger sister, Lilibet.) But Archie appears several times in the first episode. He was seen rolling around on a wheeled suitcase pushed by his father wearing sweatpants, outside visiting chickens and donkeys, and wearing a birthday hat and sitting in a high chair covered with a scattering of confetti. He speaks only briefly… and seems to have a British accent.

3. Meghan browsed Harry’s Instagram

Meghan said she hadn’t googled Prince Harry before their first date. But on the show, she admits to checking her Instagram account. His many photos of African animals and beautiful landscapes won her over, or at least convinced her to go on a first date.

4. Details of the first appointment

The couple admit Harry was half an hour late for their first date, which was apparently at a members-only club in London called Soho House, although Meghan is only revealing her address (76 Dean St.). His lateness made Meghan think he might be self-absorbed and things wouldn’t work out for them, but he was so apologetic when he arrived that she forgave him.

Their next meeting was two days later at the same place, and this time she was late but only five minutes. Harry’s delay was due to traffic, his because she was at Wimbledon that day and needed to shower before they met. Harry supposedly had a long list of what he was looking for in a partner, but seems embarrassed by it and won’t share it, instead nodding to Meghan and saying she meets all the criteria, noting “this is the listing”.

5. The revelations from the royal family were lighthearted

So far, the couple aren’t exactly talking about other royals, which is probably wise if they want to maintain those relationships. But Harry said there is pressure on the men of the royal family to marry someone who fits the mold of what a royal bride is supposed to be, rather than choosing the person with whom they are supposed to be. are meant to be”. And he mentions that some family members did not feel sympathy for Meghan being chased by the paparazzi because their wives also had to go through this, although Harry says Meghan’s situation was different because of racism towards she.

6. Living with the paparazzi

Harry has lived with the paparazzi since birth, and photographers are pretty fierce, considering a great shot of a royal can net the lucky photographer a huge payday. He says senior royals are asked not to react to crush on the camera, not to fuel the frenzy and that deals are struck – senior royals will pose for certain photos in exchange for being left behind alone for a while. But he states the obvious – not all photographers stick to this agreement, with some continuing to chase the Royal Family after agreed photos.

There is a heartbreaking sequence where young Harry, his brother William and his cousins ​​Eugenie and Beatrice are taken to the ski slopes to answer questions and pose endlessly for the same photo over and over again, and the four kids look shocked before it’s over. Once Meghan enters the scene, photographers pay her neighbors to set up a camera on their house, pointed at Meghan’s yard. And when Meghan tries to be friendly with the photographers early on, Harry tells her she can’t do that because it gives them ammunition to pretend she appreciates the constant attention.

7. The royals are also formal off-camera

The Prince and Princess of Wales, aka Will and Kate, aren’t mentioned much. (Netflix even misinterpreted Kate’s name Catherine as “Katherine.”) But Meghan says when she first met the duo she was barefoot and in ripped jeans and says she is a “hug”. She’s not exactly saying her fashion and hugs were met with stiffness, but that’s the impression you get, especially when she goes on to say she thought the royals would let their hair down and relax a time she would be behind closed doors and learn that she didn’t.

8. Meghan’s awkward bow

Meghan says she didn’t know she was about to meet Queen Elizabeth II until they were about to, and Harry quickly asked her if she knew how to curtsey , which she thought was a joke. She then performs an extremely exaggerated curtsy to mimic her action that day, mocking herself for going too far as an ignorant American. Harry, next to her, doesn’t laugh.

She also says she didn’t know what a “royal walkabout” was. It’s when members of the royal family drive somewhere, then get out and walk back and forth to greet members of the crowd. Diana made them famous because the people waiting on the side of the road where Charles went were always disappointed to have her, not her.

9. Meghan’s family ties

Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland gives interviews on the show, talks about Meghan’s early life and meets Harry. But Meghan’s father, Thomas, and half-sister, Samantha, aren’t doing well at all. Viewers might feel sorry for Thomas, who appears to have been a press pawn, but Samantha is portrayed as barely knowing Meghan, while claiming she raised her. Samantha’s daughter, Ashleigh, is interviewed and refers to Samantha as her “biological mother”, saying she was raised by her grandparents. And Meghan admits they didn’t invite Ashleigh to their wedding, despite being close, because it would look bad if they invited her but snubbed Ashleigh’s mother, Samantha.

Meghan later revealed her father didn’t tell her he wouldn’t be coming to her wedding, but instead found out from tabloid TV show TMZ. She reveals text messages between her and her father in the hospital in the days leading up to her wedding. She keeps begging Thomas Markle to talk to them, and he doesn’t respond, and then she starts getting texts that she thinks weren’t written by her dad, but by someone else, calling her Meghan instead of Meg.

10. Nazi Costume

Harry only briefly addresses the Nazi armband he wore at a costume party in 2005, which horrified his family and much of the world and was some of the worst press of his young life. He does not say why he decided to wear this horrible garment or where he got it from. He says it was “one of the biggest mistakes of my life” and he was ashamed and later met a rabbi and a Holocaust survivor, probably to better understand why Nazism shouldn’t be a fodder for a costume.

Stay tuned. The next three episodes will begin with the wedding.


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