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Destiny 2: The Best Way to Build Armor Sets Using DIM’s Loadout Optimizer


Destiny 2: The Best Way to Build Armor Sets Using DIM’s Loadout Optimizer

Destiny 2 began its journey on September 6, 2017. Since then, the developers at Bungie have constantly added in new content and updates to keep the game fresh. Because of it, fans never felt bored with the MMORPG title, which has allowed the game to be popular among players to this day.

Bungie has introduced tons of new items in the game for fans to use. This includes weapons, armor items, mods, perks and many more. The list has become so huge that players can lose track of their own inventory. Hence, it’s important that they keep their items in check so they don’t forget about it. But even then, they have a hard time, especially while creating loadouts or armor sets for their class. So instead of breaking their head while creating one, they can use a tool that fans of the franchise will always recommend the newcomers to try.

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The most useful tool for Destiny 2 players

Players have a lot of options to organize their inventory in Destiny 2. But, most of them agree that the best tool for all players is the Destiny Inventory Manager (DIM). It’s a simple and robust tool that allows fans to handle their inventory in peace. Along with some impressive search options, they can also review and read ratings of all the items available in the game.

They can also tag items based on the player’s preference or their importance. Fans can use it by linking their Bungie account to the app, and then sync all of their inventory to it. Along with the inventory management, it’s also a very cool app to optimize player loadouts and armor sets.

Destiny 2: The Best Way to Build Armor Sets Using DIM’s Loadout Optimizer
Source: Destiny Item Manager

DIM’s Loadout Optimizer

DIM’s Loadout Optimizer analyzes all the armor in the inventory, vault and postmaster. It automatically optimizes the stat distribution of loadouts by linking tons of different combinations to create the highest armor set stat. It creates a lot of combinations with some wild linkages of exotics and armors that make little sense. But there’s a turnaround for that.

By using the commands on the DIM, players can create certain conditions for their loadouts. They can filter items from their inventory by adding a criterion to it using commands. Other than that, they can also fix certain consumables or weapons in the loadout and create combinations surrounding that selection. They can also ditch certain weapon classes or design sets based on a certain parameter as well. Finally, it allows players to filter out loadouts that match existing ones as well.

In the end, the Destiny Inventory Manager is a top tool for fans playing the popular Bungie title. It takes a while to learn the important commands. But, it definitely makes life easier for Destiny 2 players, and novices of the game should definitely check it out.

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