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Dee Wayne – IDGAFk Lyrics



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Dee Wayne - IDGAFk

Dee Wayne – IDGAFk Lyrics

Wave wordYes your ladies and gentlemenIt’s Dee up in this men fuck that shit
You know how you just see shit SometimesAnd you don’t want to Really say shitBut it gets to a point Where for real I don’t give a fuckOk don’t give a fuck about your Feelings and all of your thoughtsDon’t give a fuck about your Dripping or when it flopsDon’t give a fuck about your niggas And your thugsDon’t give a fuck boy you know I Don’t give a fuck
I know that the semen of my daddy Made meBut that doesn’t mean he Create meI know that moms do hit me SometimesBut really, that doesn’t Mean that she hate meYou got a big ass and I say i love you My girlI just want that booty babyInstead of just call me let’s talk about ItNo you post it on IG and want me To say shitNo I ain’t that type of a personThough maybe your niggas could Find it impressive but heyRemember we see in the streets boyYou know that I’m coming at you With a different ImpressionI see the shit you been talking about MeMy boy that don’t even make me Bother at leastYou know that I made you the rapperYou was ain’t nobody hating on each Other and shitBigshark and teddy called me this Morning told meHow you be talking So crazy and shitI hope that you ready when niggas be Coming at youI’m talking about Daily my geeSo don’t even call my phone when Shit start to happenYou know that nigga a homieAnd You know him better than nigga just Calling and cappingWhen we were brokeYou know ain’t Mobody ever just ready to borrow usNow DM they choke youDisrespecting your nigga for couple Of followersSo what do we really expect you to DoWhen your shit really poppingDo you even see the comment of allOf your fans on the shits that you DroppingI know my niggas go vex when theyHear this you ain’t even worth itI wanted to really just call out yourName my producer just told me man Fuck itYou really sounding like one of theNiggas that’s just really chilling on CokeYou said I stopped motivating you BloodBut now you sound like oliver The coquiI don enter para mood Idon enter
I don eh eh ehYo men fuck this shit broYou already know what time it isI shred mother fuckers and I dare You to come back at meBitch ass motherfucker

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