Deal-flow mavens aren’t sweating the company’s slowdown – TechCrunch

Deal-flow mavens aren’t sweating the company’s slowdown – TechCrunch

Deal-flow mavens aren't sweating the company's slowdown – TechCrunch


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As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to catch up with a few people who have been watching the flow of deals in 2022 closely and look for indicators of what might happen in 2023.

By the way, this newsletter is taking a break until January 7, 2023. Thank you very much for reading me because I succeeds Alex back in May. I look forward to writing more dispatches in the new year! — Anna

An update on deal flow newsletters

I wrote an article in May on deal-flow newsletters, the purpose of which is to help investors discover interesting startups without leaving their inbox. In light of how the global startup investment market has changed – shrunk – in 2022 and the struggles faced by media companies, we were curious to see how the projects we heard about earlier were going. during this year. So we checked in, chatting with the founder of the deal-flow newsletter PreSeed Now Martin SFP Bryant.

He shared the following updates:

  • From early May to early December, PreSeed Now profiled over 50 early-stage B2B and deep tech startups from the UK.
  • This stimulates deal flow. Many startups say they have attracted interest from tech investors because of the coverage. The startups have also recruited staff and garnered additional media interest due to their presentation.
  • In terms of actual investments generated, it’s a little harder to measure at this point, but I’ll be researching this as we approach the newsletter’s first anniversary in May 2023.


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