Dead Space Remake Steam pre-orders come with a free copy of Dead Space 2

Dead Space Remake Steam pre-orders come with a free copy of Dead Space 2

Dead Space Remake Steam pre-orders come with a free copy of Dead Space 2

Dead Space Remake pre-orders on Steam come with a free copy of the original Dead Space 2. Cost. Dead Space Remake costs Rs. 2,999/$60. This allows new players who have never experienced the claustrophobic journey of space engineer Isaac Clarke, to dive straight into his follow-up story, right after. (Of course, don’t expect the two to look alike.) Considering the original Dead Space was only 11 hours long, it’s hard to expect a longer runtime for its remake as well. , which is where the sequel comes in handy.

Excluding sales, Dead Space 2 is usually priced at Rs. 999/$20, making this pre-order deal a decent deal. Apart from that, the game is included for free as part of EA Play subscription on PC, Xbox and PlayStation which starts at Rs. 315 per month.

Set three years after the events of the original, Dead Space 2 finds our protagonist Clarke on the Sprawl, a giant space station orbiting Saturn, equipped to battle another horde of bloodthirsty necromorphs, as he faces to demented visions of his dead girlfriend. Unlike the original 2008 game, the sequel added voice lines for our protagonist – a trait that will continue and be developed in the upcoming Dead Space remake. However, developer Motive Studio reiterated that Clarke will only speak when spoken to or in places where it makes sense.

First announced in 2021, the studio has been pretty open with the development process for the Dead Space remake, offering insight into concept art, gameplay, and camera effects for community members, who then given appropriate comments. In a blog post, creative director Roman Campos-Oriola also revealed that this new version will reduce camera dropouts and loading screens – unless you die – like God of the war (2018), where the entire game takes place in a single sequential move.

The story, however, is the same as the original 2008 title, where Clarke is tasked with repairing the USG Ishimura mining ship, only to discover that something has gone horribly wrong. The crew is dead and there are hostile creatures called Necromorphs lurking around.

Much like the original, players will be equipped with weapons that allow you to set aliens on fire, electrocute them into tiny chunks of flesh, or get in close with you by banging their heads against the metal floor. Elements of Dead Space comic book lore and later games will also be incorporated into the story, so it ends in a cohesive way – although there’s no word on whether EA plans to redo it. the rest of the trilogy in the future.

While all Dead Space Remake pre-orders come with the bonus Dead Space 2, a Deluxe Edition is also available which adds five exclusive cosmetics to the base game. It is listed at Rs. 3,499 on Steam.

Dead Space launches January 27 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Pre-orders are now available on all platforms, with Steam offering a copy of Dead Space 2 (2011) as a bonus.

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