Davido Best Songs Of All Time

Davido Best Songs Of All Time

So, let’s make a list, yeah? But, first, let’s take a close look at Davido and try to name his ten best songs.

10. Dami Duro

Let’s start with the song that can be said to have launched his career. Dami Duro was Davido finding his feet in the industry. He had the money, daddy’s money, but needed to be his own person. So Dami Duro gave him that.

The Shizzi-produced song kicked off his career and helped put him on the radar of many music fans, and it’s the first one on our list. So feel free to listen, and don’t you dare laugh.

9. All Of You

This song from his debut “O.B.O Genesis” album is one of our favourites from him. Talk about the days of innocence, huh?

This song is Davido going all lovey-dovey even as he reeled off names of artists he looked up to. He has come a long way since then, and there’s the possibility to now want to believe that he once looked up to them, but we have proof. The song is dope and makes our list.

8. If

This is the song that launched his 30 billion mantra. This song got covers and responses, and even remixes as it went viral. It’s one of our favourites.

This song has him promising his lover everything, and you’ve got to give him credit for executing this. It has earned its place on this list for sure.

7. Skelewu

Released in 2013, Skelewu stood out as one of Davido‘s best offerings and has withstood the test of time. Still, play the song today and watch people start dancing.

Skelewu got its dance then, and everyone got up and started dancing when it came on in the bars and clubs. One of his best for sure.

6. Fall

Remember this? Of course you do. This song birthed the ‘this fall on you’ and ‘that fall on you’ slang. In the case of this song, it was banana and money that Davido asked to fall on you.

The song made rounds then too. No one can argue or ask why it made a list. Great song.

5. Money

This song on which he linked up with Olamide is another favourite that made the list. Can we even miss a song that had him name-drop some of the rich people he knew? But, again, Olamide came through with the rap, and we love this.

4. Pere

This song had him collaborating with Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug who delivered fine lines to the song. We love it, and it belongs on the list.

3. Aye

Another top love from Davido. Come to think of it, he has always been a romantic at heart, and it has stayed with him. We love this, and it’s staying on the list.

2. Fans Mi

This Davido collab with Maleek Berry is one with which he took a retrospect of the journey and how far he had come even as he celebrated his fans. We love it.

1. Gobe

In doubt? One of his biggest songs yet. Released in 2013, this song got him a lot of attention then, and we had no reservations about placing it on the list.

Agree or disagree with our list? Let’s hear it in the comment section.

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