Dating a single mom? 7 successful tips to make things work



Dating a single mom? 7 successful tips to make things work




Are you planning to date a single mother? She might be perfect for you, but you have to make her realise that you are also there for a serious commitment.

She might be skeptical about you since she has already been in this situation before.

Dating a single mom is different than dating a single woman. She has responsibilities towards her kids. They are more mature and clearer about their expectations.

So, you have to move forward step-by-step to make things work and the relationship stronger for a better future. So, here are some tips for dating a single mother:

1. Top priority is the kids

You have to accept that her top priority will always be the kids. She has to give most of her time to them. But you also have an important position in their life. So, don’t get confused with it.

2. Don’t try to teach her kids

If you are concerned about any behavioural issues of her kids, then talk to her about it and let her handle it on her own. But never try to teach them a lesson by yourself. This may create a bad impression.

3. Don’t get involved with her ex

Stay out of everything that involves her ex and let your woman handle it. Never talk to her former partner privately to sort things out. Be it custody or any other issues, let them solve it without any interference on your part.

4. Give time

Don’t rush towards engagement right after dating for sometime. Give enough time to yourself, her and this relationship to develop. Think rationally about what do you want and give her this opportunity as well.


5. Provide emotional support

Instead of always trying to provide help, give emotional support to her. Be there to listen to her issues. This kind of support and encouragement will make the bond stronger because as a single mother, there is be a lot of pressure on her emotionally and financially.

6. Be trustworthy

Put in efforts to win her trust and make her realise that you are a trustworthy person.

7. Time for kids

Never rush for meeting her kids right after dating for some time. They need time to accept you in their mother’s life. And once you meet them, be friendly so that they naturally like you.

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