Daily Crunch: Bach to the future – Next Apple Music Classical app will feature 5 million tracks

Daily Crunch: Bach to the future – Next Apple Music Classical app will feature 5 million tracks

Daily Crunch: Bach to the future - Next Apple Music Classical app will feature 5 million tracks

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Hello crackers! Christine’s been away for a few days, which means you’re stuck with me. Prepare for horrible puns and worse jokes. Oh yes.

But before we start the punishment, let’s start with some good news: diviner reports that machine learning can help us create a COVID-19 vaccine that could help combat all current and future strains of the pandemic.


TechCrunch’s top 3

Startups and VCs

QuantWare, the Dutch startup that builds quantum processors for research and commercial use, today announced that it has raised a €6 million (~$6.33 million) funding round, Frederic reports. The company says it will use this new funding to support the development of its Tenor 64-qubit processor.

And we have five more for you:

Building a Lean B2B Startup Growth Stack

Choosing the right tool for the job is easy when you already know exactly how to do it.

However, most B2B growth marketers don’t have a blueprint to work from, which is why Primer CEO Keith Putnam-Delaney shared a guest post with TC+ that identifies the tools most suitable for early, mid-stage, and late-stage startups.

“The current environment of budget constraints should be viewed as a net positive by marketers,” he writes. “It will force teams to think deeply about what is absolutely necessary, what tools will add efficiency (or take away from it).”

Three others from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech inc.

India is offering to replace its more than two-decade-old computer system law, as the world’s second-largest internet marketplace pushes for new guidelines aimed at expanding liability for tech companies, reassessing who gets safe harbor protections, and better overseeing new technologies and serving ” each » connected user in the South Asian market, Jagmeet And pot holder report.

From the people who brought you credit monitoring services now comes Net worth of credit karmaa new product to help people know, develop and protect their wealth, Christina reports. The new feature brings the 16-year-old company closer to becoming an end-to-end personal finance management platform, also offering debt, credit building and checking and savings products, said the founder and CEO of Credit Karma, Kenneth Lin, in an interview.

And we have five more for you:


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