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COVID-19: African herbal supplement shows promising results


COVID-19: African herbal supplement shows promising results

We have completed human trials of new COVID-19 vaccine, Russia announces

In September of 2020, the World Health Organisation, WHO, endorsed testing traditional herbal medicine against Covid19.

Back in May, Hamish Ganga, a US based African health care entrepreneur did not wait for the WHO, as he started working on bringing to the US a herbal concoction that was helping thousands of Africans on the continent.

Hamish launched Anoroc (which is simply Corona read the other way around) and according to reports, has seen great results. Among those are people living with Lupus, bowel diseases, fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Reumathoid Arthritis and even Covid 19.

Back in June, researchers from Germany released data from laboratory tests showing that extracts of the Artemisia plants are active against the virus causing Covid 19.

In August the Scientists at the University of Kentucky confirmed the findings from the German researchers and started clinical trials on Covid patients and Sweet wormwood (Artemisia).

“Back in April when everyone was freaking out about Covid, I decided to look for a solution. I saw that the president of Madagascar was promoting Covid Organics so I started paying attention and saw that in the Congo they had a similar concoction that was helping many people. when my own brother caught covid and was treated with the herbal tea I became an instant believer.

“So right away, I started working on importing the plants and manufacture a product which would be available to the Diaspora.

I’m just glad that now the western scientists are confirming what Africans had been saying since the pandemic started. Hopefully this brings people back to the hollistic way just like our ancestors used to treat themselves. Nitu Wellness is now helping many people and is doing it the Natural way” he said.

Hamish believes that Nitu Wellness will restore people’s faith in herbal medicine.

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