CouRage Returns to Apex Legends as Streamers Look For a Warzone Alternative


CouRage Returns to Apex Legends as Streamers Look For a Warzone Alternative

A lot of people are streaming Call of Duty Warzone right now. And that’s making it harder for streamers to continue creating unique Warzone-related content. Huge names in the streaming world are looking for alternatives. Jack Dunlop, better known in the gaming community as CouRageJD, is one of the big names that made the switch to a different title, namely Apex Legends. This is a huge get for Apex Legends as he has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

A big get for Apex Legends

It is a well-known, also often disputed, fact that dedicated gamers give their time to one game at a time. This means that players of Apex Legends who like to learn from watching streamers do their thing will now get to enjoy CouRage’s content. Courage, admittedly, is not as overpowered as he was in Warzone. But in no way is he a bad player. He knows his way around the maps; then again, this isn’t his first time playing. In his last stream, he climbed up the ranks from Bronze all the way to Gold in 7 hours.


How huge he gets playing Apex Legends remains to be seen. But by the looks of things, it’s obvious he will be pretty hard to stop. And in terms of streaming, Apex Legends and its newer additions will give him loads of opportunities to make unique content.

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New event arrives tomorrow

On a similar note, Apex Legends also has a new event starting tomorrow (29 June). The update features major changes to Revenant, especially his climbing ability which gets a boost. Octane, a player-favorite, will get slightly nerfed. The cooldown time for the launchpad will be slightly more at 90 seconds. Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are set to return, and Skull Town will be added to Arenas.

All these changes, featured in the new update, will give a lot of room to create new content. And that’s good news for his subscribers as well as him.

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