Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Art Store is a standout service for The Frame, the award-winning lifestyle TV that gives viewers new ways to enjoy artwork from the comfort of their own home. The art subscription platform provides access to a huge range of artwork, giving users the power to turn their living room into their own personal art gallery.

Hyun Kim has been working as an artist for 20 years since he got his start as a children’s book illustrator. His most famous painting, “Gooly Gooly Friends”, is known for its adorable animals with vibrant colors and a warm feel. Inspired by her daily experiences, Kim’s work is playful and joyful and appeals to children and adults alike.

Samsung Newsroom caught up with Kim to talk about how her heartwarming artwork can transform our monotonous lives into sweet fairy tales.

▲ Illustrator Hyun Kim and his studio

Q: The collaboration with Samsung Art Store mainly focused on the cheerful and charming characters of “Gooly Gooly Friends” and was extremely popular among users. What works are you exhibiting in the Art Store this time and why?

Most of the previous works displayed on the Art Store were simple, bright character images.

As a children’s book illustrator, I always do my best to portray the world as seen through children’s eyes. This is why many have said that my work brings back childhood memories.

I realized that people not only like a pure and delicious world like their childhood, but also serene images that are just as impactful and aesthetic. Recently, I expanded my process to also include the perspective of an adult audience. I believe that everyone has their own inner child, and I consider what world that little child would like to see when choosing an artistic subject.

I hope the joy of art can rejuvenate any member of the family, not just young children.

Q: What are the benefits of displaying art digitally on a screen?

Digital art allows the public to access works of art anytime and anywhere. Thus, its greatest advantage lies in its flexibility. Users can select different coins according to their emotions or to fulfill a certain goal. This small change can also make their whole space look completely different.

I think The Frame is the best display for my work and other digital artwork because its incredible image quality displays the detailed colors and captures the unique textures.

Q: With advancements in technology, the way we experience and consume works of art is changing. What is the role of the Art Store?

The Art Store helps users easily and comfortably access art in their daily lives while offering lesser-known artists around the world the opportunity to showcase their work to new audiences. Additionally, the Art Store serves as a home gallery where everyone can view masterpieces from various popular museums.

I hope the Art Store will continue to develop this virtuous circle where artists and the public can coexist and benefit.

Q: What three pieces would you recommend users display in the Art Store?

Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas” can be displayed next to Christmas decor in her home to make it even more festive in December. I often exhibit the works of other artists in my living room, but for December, I chose “Joyeux Noël to refresh the general atmosphere.

Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Redwoods

Last April, I took a solo trip to Jeju Island. I spent so much time walking slowly through the forest. One day, I really felt the Healing Forest comforting me with its deep silence, and I felt the incredible energy of nature.

“Redwoods” is the first work I drew after my trip. It always reminds me of that awesome and exciting moment.

Connecting with your inner child through art – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Waiting for Christmas

“Waiting Xmas” is a dark painting with denser subjects. The style is different from my traditional artwork, which consists of vibrant base colors and adorable characters. “Waiting Xmas” shows the excitement of getting ready for Christmas in a calm winter with achromatic colors.

Q: What is your future goal as an artist?

Samsung Art Store has enabled worldwide exposure of my work. The other day, a person halfway around the world said that my work brought him great comfort during a difficult time. I have also heard that many children see my work every day. How wonderful is that?

I look forward to continuing to work with the Art Store to positively influence others through art.

To see more of Hyun Kim’s artwork, head to the Art Store’s Tonybunny Collection.


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