Compound Corruption | Mark Angel TV | Funny Videos


Compound Corruption | Mark Angel TV | Funny VideosCompound Corruption | Mark Angel TV | Funny Videos

Compound Corruption | Mark Angel TV |Funny Videos

On this episode of Mark Angel Comedy TV, Mark Angel, the Caretaker brings in policemen to investigate and arrest the tenant that stole his money(N200) naira.

The rest of the tenants are not happy has he brings in policemen with guns to the compound to investigate a simple matter of just N200 naira and ask him to allow the mater to be settled without the police.

The caretaker is not ready to buy the idea and instead threatens and promises to sent the case to court so the culprit will get to spent 10 years in prison.

The caretaker is asked to explain how he lost the money and he quickly did. After the explanation, Mimi, one of the female tenants in the compound explains how she picked N200 naira on the ground thinking it was her money and used it to buy eggs.

The Caretaker at this point is really angry and asks the police to arrest Mimi for stealing his money as he shouts at Mr. Azu saying "You were shouting as if my money did not lose".

Mimi is asked to go and bring the eggs she bought with the money, but she said the eggs went missing as she kept them outside to go and buy oil.

The drama gets bigger as Nwayiocha claims she came outside of her house to see the egg and took it inside thinking they were the eggs she sent Danial to go and buy for her.

The caretaker now ask the police to arrest both of them as the culprits. Nwayiocha is now asked to bring the eggs, but the drama gets even bigger as Nwayiocha claims the eggs went missing inside her house and Baze 10 claimes he went to Nwayiocha house to ask for a little financial assistance just to see the egg and decided to borrow it to cook noodles.

The caretaker at this point is completely mad at everyone and demands that everyone in the compound is arrested including Mr. Azu as Mr. Azu must have also known something about the eggs, but lives to regret his actions as Baze 10 claims that Mr. Azu knows nothing about the eggs rather, that it is in facts he the Caretaker himself that took the noodle he cooked with the eggs and ate it all by himself, therefore, making him the real culprit of the crime.

The Caretaker is asked by everyone in the compound especially Mr. Azu to be arrested by the police, the same police he the Caretaker, brought to arrest everyone in the compound.

What is the moral of this funny story?
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