Clicks on fire- here is how Clicks pulled the trigger


Clicks on fire- here is how Clicks pulled the trigger

Clicks advert triggers fight back

blankClicks have been the lead trending tag on social media especially on Twitter following their controversial advert post on their website on Friday.

The advert described Black female hair as “dry” and “damaged” while blonde straight hair was tagged “fine” and “flat.”

See the screenshots of the controversial post below that made the headlines of many topics of discussion.

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Their controversial description of Black hair vexed so many South Africans offline and online.

Some were of the opinion that the post was intentionally published to “provoke” black people and “promote racism”.

Some called on Clicks to apologize while others said the company must sell natural hair products at low prices to show that they support black women.

Clicks Apology

Following the negative twitter trend about Clicks, the retailing company decided to issue “unequivocal” apology on twitter.

“We do not condone racism and are strong advocates of natural hair. We are deeply sorry and will put in place stricter measures on our website,” it said.

Clicks must shutdown-EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party members expressed their disgust at Clicks apology that lacked “remorse” and “emotions”.

They condemned the post and expected more than the apology tendered.

The EFF on Sunday made an open call on the same twitter lanes and called on its “fighters” and “ground forces” to get ready to “Attack”.

The party issued a memorandum to the company to shut down all its over 800 stores for five days starting from Monday or else, they will be forced to shut down.

The second trigger- “We are not closing”

After receiving the threats issued by EFF, the retailing company on Sunday announced via Twitter that they were not going to shut down.

“Clicks provides a much needed health-care service to South Africans and stores will not be closed. Contingency plans have been put in place to ensure the safety of both customers and staff,” it said.

This morning, it was reported that a Clicks store in at Saveways Centre in Emalahleni (Witbank) was petrol bombed.

In a video footage, a Clicks store in Eastern Cape town of Komani was also destroyed.

Other Clicks stores have also been affected by the “fight against racism”.

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