Chironji: 6 amazing reasons to include this nut in your diet!


Chironji: 6 amazing reasons to include this nut in your diet!

Chironji: 6 amazing reasons to include this nut in your diet!

Chironji, also known as Charoli, is commonly used as dry fruits. Often used as an alternative to almonds and considered to be rich in healthy nutrients. It is an important element in Ayurvedic medicine.

Consuming the seeds of Chironji gives you many health benefits. The benefits of Chironji can be obtained in many ways. It is used in Indian cuisine, sweets and kheer, and vermicelli, etc. Charoli is a year-round substance.

These seeds are often roasted to bring out a unique nutty flavour. , and is considered as a delicacy.

Almost all parts of the tree, including its fruits, leaves, gum from the trunk and even the roots find their use in Ayurveda.

1. Natural coolant

Chironji must be extensively used in dishes prepared in summers, because it has a cooling effect on the body. These nuts naturally reduce body heat, and keep you cool from the inside. In Ayurvedic medicines, chironjiis often added to preparations for treating itching or prickly heat on the skin.

2. Promotes skin health

Chironji seeds make excellent face packs, and the oil extracted from these seeds keeps the skin moisturised and helps to remove dark spots and blemishes. Chironji seeds are often ground and mixed with gram flour and curd, honey and lemon, or rose water and multani mitti (fuller’s Earth) to make cleansing scrubs. These scrubs protect the skin against infections and prevent acne.

3. Improves digestion and regularises bowel movement

Chironji seed oil has astringent properties, and can help in regularising bowel movements. It helps in binding stool particles together, and hence, cures diarrhoea. Just a few drops of the oil may be added to your Oral Rehydration Solution, or ORS, and consumed to treat the problem of loose stools. Chironji root extract is believed to be beneficial for treating ulcers that are indicative of stomach troubles.

Chironji can be used to improve digestion4. Improves reproductive health

Chironji is considered as an effective aphrodisiac, and maybe used to improve reproductive health. Chironji may improve vitality and sexual vigour, and is believed to be an effective cure for problems like loss of libido.

5. Clears nasal congestion

Chironji may be used to cure to clear nasal congestion and severe cold. One of the ways chironji oil may be used to expel the mucous blocking your nose. Put a few drops in steaming water and inhale the steam.

6. Health weight loss

Chironji is low in calories, but extremely rich in protein and dietary fibre, which keeps your hunger pangs at bay, leading to satiety and eliminating the need to eat more often.

Chironji has many essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2, as well as niacin (an organic compound that detoxifies the body and improves brain function). Chironji is also extremely rich in minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus. So, go ahead and add this beautiful nut in your kheers, halwas and dals.

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