Check out the best Germany Regionalliga Southwest predictions


Check out the best Germany Regionalliga Southwest predictions

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Check out the best Germany Regionalliga Southwest predictions


The Regionalliga Südwest (Regionalliga Southwest) is in the fourth tier of the German Football League system and has become a league offering great action for fans from across the country. While the league has only been in existence for a little over a decade, there are 19 teams competing for the championship as the German league is winding down.



For those looking to get in on the action, you can find great bets available on this football league. There is also great analysis and information that can help you by providing you with the right types of predictions. This article looks to help you to be a winner each time you place a wager on a game in this league.

Germany Regionalliga Southwest Season Preview

To find out the best Germany Regionalliga Southwest predictions, it starts with knowing a little bit about the league itself.

How is German football run? What is the German Regionalliga Southwest?


This Level 4 league began in 2011-12 with the winner promoted to the third level. Teams can also be relegated to one of the other three leagues in Level 5. The initial plan was for there to be 18 clubs within the league, but they have had as many as 22 and currently have 19 for the upcoming season.


How the league got its name is that it was a combination of the Regionalliga Süd and Regionalliga West coming together following the 2011-12 season. The first game was played in 2012. The teams in this Regionalliga reside in Southwest Germany.

Top Teams and Key Players in Germany Regionalliga Southwest

SC Freiburg II is the reigning champion, winning the 2020-21 campaign. What has made this league quite enjoyable is the fact that in the nine year history, seven different teams have won the championship. FC Saarbrücken and Waldhof Mannheim are the only teams who have won two titles. Both of these clubs have also been the runner-up twice.


The person with the most playing time has been Johannes Reichert, who began in the league in 2012 and is still playing today, logging 225 matches. Kevin Lahn is also an original member of the league who is still playing, but he has 220 matches under his belt. Florian Treske is the all-time leader among goal scorers with 80. He played in the league from 2012-2019.

Where to find betting odds for the German Regionalliga Southwest?

You might want to check for best odds of Regionalliga in bookies that cover European football. If you want to find more information about German football, for example German Bundesliga betting tips in particular or European, such as Spain  Primera Division predictions then Takebet is the right place for you. You will find scores and results from around the league, but there are also stats, odds, and other bits of information that can help you to make the right picks.


Sometimes it is all about finding the right statistics or betting information to help you to pick the right teams to wager upon. This is one site that can help you to accomplish that goal.

Top tips and predictions for Germany Regionalliga Southwest

If you are looking to place wagers on soccer matches in Germany, you want the right kind of information to help you with your predictions. Here is some stats and info that should help you to do just that.

Best Defending Teams

Through their first 32 matches, the Offenbacher FC Kickers have allowed just 21 goals. This is a more defensive minded team, but they still have offensive production as well. However, it is defense first as the Kickers have allowed just 21 goals.

Worst Defending Teams

VfR Aalen 1921 and SG Sonnenhof Großaspach have each allowed 60 goals through their first 32 games. VfR Aalen is 15th in the league (10-5-17) while SG Sonnenhof is 16th (9-6-17).

Best Attacking Teams

It is not surprising that the top team in the Regionalliga Südwest is SV 07 Elversberg. They lead the league by far with 72 goals scored, 14 more than the next closest team. This is still an excellent defensive club as well, as they have allowed the third fewest number of goals and have the largest goal differential at +45.

Worst Attacking Teams

The team struggling to score is FC Gießen, who is last in the league in goals with 27 and 18th in the league overall. This is a very good defensive club, however, allowing 42 goals and 32 games and having a -15 goal differential.

Top Scorers

FC 0 Homburg’s Markus Mendler leads the league in goals with 17. It would seem that SV Elversberg would have the top goal scorer when they lead the league by such a significant number, but this is a well-rounded club that has two players with 11 goals (Valdrin Mustafa and Israel Suero) and two others with nine (Kevin Koffi and Luca Schnellbacher).

How to bet on Germany Regionalliga Southwest picks?

If you are looking to place a bet on the Regionalliga Südwest, then it starts by having the right kind of data to assist you in making a smart pick. Clearly there are some dominant teams within this league, especially SV Elversbergand SSV Ulm, who each have 70 points (21-7-4). Offenbacher FC Kickers is close behind with 67 (21-4-7), and you can be sure that these three clubs are always going to be a favorite whenever they take to the pitch.

Check out injuries, who’s hot, top goalscorers, and other bits of information that can assist you in making a smart prediction. There are clearly teams that have struggled this season, but do not let record be your only factor. Do some research and find out more about the condition of each club so that you can make the proper prediction.

What are the best betting markets for Germany Regionalliga Southwest

There are several great betting markets you can turn to the place a wager on these matches. However, before you decide to dive all in with one spot, you want to make sure that they offer a wide range of odds, information, and other types of data that can assist you in helping to make a smart pick.


A good site should offer you the opportunity to get the best odds and assist you in making smart wagers. This is why sites like have become so popular, because they provide far more information about this league then you are going to find almost anywhere else.


In addition, you may want to place wagers on other matches, games, or events. Whether a tennis event is being held in Spain, or there is a great football match in Ireland, you should be able to place a wager on the event of your choice if you so wish. Find out what they offer to you before you decide to lock in on one market.


With the Regionalliga Südwest winding down, you want to get in on the action while you can. This starts by finding the right information that can help you to be a winner and earn a big profit every time you wager on events. Do your research and maybe even subscribe to a football prediction site or two to help you. You do these types of things, and you will win big.




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