ChatGPT training plans and aviation cleaning

ChatGPT training plans and aviation cleaning

ChatGPT training plans and aviation cleaning

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When I opened the email telling me that I had been accepted to run the London Marathon, I felt elated. And then terrified. Barely six months after my last marathon, I knew how dedicated I had to be to keep running day after day, week after week, month after month, through rain, cold, fatigue, bad mood and hangover.


The marathon is the easy part. It’s the constant routine of training that kills you – and finding ways to keep it fresh and interesting is part of the challenge. Some exercise freaks think they’ve found a way to live their routine: by using the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT as a sort of personal trainer by proxy.

Its appeal is obvious. ChatGPT answers questions in seconds, eliminating the need to sift through tons of information, and asking follow-up questions will give you a more detailed and personalized answer. But is ChatGPT really the future of the way we work? Or is it just trusting bullshit? Read the full story.

—Rhiannon Williams

How new technologies could clean up air travel

Aviation is a notoriously “hard to decarbonize” sector. It accounts for around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and air traffic could more than double from current levels by 2050.

When it comes to flying, the technical challenge of reducing emissions is particularly daunting. Aircraft fuels must be particularly light and compact, so that planes can fly in the sky and still have room for people or cargo. But the industry has some promising ideas for cleaning up, and some of them are already taking off. Read the full story.


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