Cassper reveals Samsung saved him financially (Video)


Cassper reveals Samsung saved him financially (Video)

Cassper reveals Samsung saved him financially (Video)

Cassper recently revealed the brand collaboration that saved him financially.

The star made it known during his interview with Banques and Venom.

The rapper was asked by Banques if he would go back to that route to which he boldly responded no his with Samsung now.

“Through that, I think Samsung saw that this guy we can use him in this mobile tech industry. So yeah Samsung has been taking care of me, I think our contract is ending soon.”

Banques then exclaims “Bump the cheese up,” he goes on to add “You heard that the contract is expiring soon.”

Cassper told the hosts that “the relationship with Samsung has been so good,” adding “and they saved me!”.

Cassper then gets candid and says “I will not lie to you guys, Play and Samsung saved my personal life, not my career”. The rapper further explained that “personally, I don’t think I would have been able to meet my turnover requirements to keep the company running”.

Watch video below:


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