Carrot: 5 side effect of this vegetable to the body system


Carrot: 5 side effect of this vegetable to the body system



When good health is mentioned in relation to a good diet, vegetables are usually high on the list of the things you should consume.

As much as carrots are a common vegetable with loads of health benefits, there are also some unwelcome side effects of carrots that many people are unaware of.

In this article, we have listed some unhealthy effects that consumption of carrot can have on your body. Check them below!

1. Allergic reactions

Some people are hypersensitive to carrots and some common side effects among such people are skin rashes, diarrhea, anaphylactic reactions, hives, and swelling. Such allergies are caused due to the allergen present in carrot pollen.

2. Causes carotenemia

Carrots contain high levels of beta carotene, which gets converted into Vitamin A in the body. Heavy consumption of carrots leads to large amounts of carotene in your blood that causes Carotenemia which is a yellowish discoloration of the skin.

3. High in sugar contents

People with diabetes should avoid the consumption of carrot because of its high sugar content. The sugar in carrot is converted into glucose and this quickly raises the body’s sugar level. If you must consume carrot as a diabetic patient, it is best to consume steamed carrots in small amounts.

4. Changes flavour of breast milk

When you’re breastfeeding, anything you ingest will reach your baby. Breastfeeding moms should avoid drinking carrot juice in large quantities as studies have proven that carrot changes the flavour of breast milk.

5. Unsafe for infants

Some studies prove that carrots are unsafe for small children. That is why it is important to feed young babies only small portions of carrot.

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