Can Sense8 bring out the best in Wachowski?

Can Sense8 bring out the best in Wachowski?

Can Sense8 bring out the best in Wachowski?

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The first trailer for Sense8, an upcoming Netflix original sci-fi series created by the Wachowskis (directors of The Matrix) and J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5) gives a glimpse of what promises to be a thrilling show. The Sense8 trailer reveals that the story involves eight characters who live in different parts of the world, but their minds are linked. This means characters can draw on each other’s emotions, knowledge, and skills. There is also a Indian Connection to keep viewers interested.


The trailer shows how various characters perform similar action moves when attacked, drawing their martial arts skills from each other. There’s a lot more to Sense8 than just action scenes, as one of the characters says in the trailer: “I can feel you. But you’re not really there, are you? “

Some characters look in mirrors to find someone else looking at them. They also feel each other’s emotions like fear, anger, and pleasure. This is the most intriguing part of the trailer – can the characters control each other or do they retain an element of individuality? It lays a solid foundation for a smart sci-fi series, a rarity in modern television.

From awesome to terrible

And then there are the creators. Any sci-fi project involving the Wachowskis and Straczynskis will generate excitement due to the sheer quality of the work they represent, but history urges caution, especially when it comes to the Wachowskis. The Matrix is ​​one of my three favorite movies of all time, but none of their other work matches it.

The sequels to The Matrix lost the philosophical depth of the original, which took the soul of the first film away from the rest of the series. Speed ​​Racer and Jupiter Ascending stand out as two visually stunning films that otherwise fall short of The Matrix’s lofty standards.

Speed ​​Racer fans say the movie has all the elements they loved about the animated series it’s based on, and the movie is a depiction of the world seen through the eyes of an excited child. When they stop overthinking, Speed ​​Racer is reduced to the kind of movie you’ll enjoy after shutting down your brain. The over-the-top action, ridiculous cliches, and terrible acting and dialogue make the film one of the Wachowskis’ worst works.

Then there is Jupiter Ascending. A lot has been written about everything that’s wrong with the movie, and it can all be summed up like this: “It would be a much better movie if you could cut out all the characters and reshoot it like a silent movie showing the future of humanity.”

Its special effects and action scenes are great, but it’s like the hollow shell of a sick tree. One blow and everything collapses. It’s very hard to believe that the people who created Matrix were also the masterminds behind Speed ​​Racer and Jupiter Ascending.

JMS and the transition to television

Given that the siblings have made some spectacular movies and some terrible movies, the big question with Sense8 is, can the Wachowskis make a TV show as great as some of their films? The answer may lie in one of their past works – Cloud Atlas. Based on David Mitchell’s novel, Cloud Atlas’ story has six time-spanning plotlines, and the Wachowskis executed it very well in the film. Their ability to flesh out myriad plot threads and tie them together into one seamless film is perhaps a good sign for their foray into television.

The big difference between a blockbuster movie and a Netflix original TV series is budget. The Wachowskis have made quite a few films with budgets over $100 million, but Sense8 is unlikely to give them that kind of luxury. The involvement of J. Michael Straczynski (fans call him JMS) bodes well for the show thanks to his central role in the creation of Babylon 5 – a cult classic space opera franchise. Straczynski brings a wealth of television experience to the table, and one of Babylon 5’s phenomenal achievements has been high-quality writing despite tight budget limitations. Although Sense8 seems like its budget is way over what Babylon 5 could afford, the impetus is bound to be on character and world development through quality writing as opposed to special effects.

In Babylon 5, Straczynski has created a rich, multicultural universe teetering on the brink of full-scale war. Events on the only Neutral Zone that all races are free to visit form the bulk of the plot. Some episodes focused on the little things — like a doctor’s instinct to save a life opposed to parents’ religious beliefs — while others focused on the war itself. Straczynski made great use of his license to produce 22 episodes per season using some episodes to build certain characters and others to advance the plot. Each episode added to the overall plot, which gave the show a fantastic pace and made it the classic it is today.


A group of eight mentally bound people being chased makes a great base for Sense8. The involvement of the Wachowskis is likely to bring in some great action sequences and some mind games, while the involvement of Straczynski could bring us some great characters and dialogue. Netflix TV shows are great for binge watchers because all episodes of a season air at once. This allows creators to execute their vision perfectly without worrying about the audience. This all bodes well for Sense8. The last thing fans of all three creators want is a series full of insane action, cliches, and character tropes. Hopefully the show lives up to the high standards set by its three creators.

All 12 episodes of Season 1 of Sense8 will be available on Netflix on June 5, 2015.


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