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Call of Duty Warzone: Best Class Setups for the M13 Assault Rifle


Call of Duty Warzone: Best Class Setups for the M13 Assault Rifle

When it comes to meta assault rifles in Call of Duty Warzone, players will be quick to select the AMAX and Grau. However, one gun that has gone under the radar for a while is the M13 assault rifle. While it may not offer the power and ranged capabilities like the aforementioned guns, it makes up for this with its rapid-fire rate and low recoil.

The M13 is sort of a hybrid rifle that does its best work at mid-range. At the same time, it can keep up with assault rifles from long range and SMGs up close. For this gun to be competitive in Warzone, you must create a class that improves its range and recoil. Furthermore, it should have the typical Warzone attachments such as a suppressor and extended magazine.

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Best M13 classes in Call of Duty Warzone

For this setup, we recommend pairing the M13 with a monolithic suppressor, Tempus Marksman, Stippled Grip Tape, 5o round magazines, and a commando foregrip. If you do not like the gun’s iron sight you could always replace the grip with your scope of choice. This is because the gun has little to no vertical recoil. Thus, you will have to pull your aim slightly towards your left as the gun fires.

Alternatively, you could apply the Tempus cyclone, G.I. Mini Reflex, M13 skeleton stock, merc foregrip, and 60 round mags. This will make the gun more suitable for close-quarters combat. If you are running the deadly trio of perks: Ghost, Cold-blooded, and Amped, this gun will definitely help you to shred through opponents.

One downfall of the M13 is that you will be prone to snipers if you use this gun alone. Thus, we recommend utilizing overkill and carrying a sniper or long-range weapon of your choice to compliment it. With new buffs and nerfs coming to Warzone with every major update, the meta is sure to shift again during the Season 4 mid-season update. What is your favorite assault rifle class in Call of Duty Warzone? Let us know in the comments down below.

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