CAFWCL: Okara Relieved After Bayelsa Queens’ Bounce Back

CAFWCL: Okara Relieved After Bayelsa Queens’ Bounce Back

Bayelsa Queens coach Domo Okara has spoken of the relief he felt at guiding his side back to winning ways following a 2-0 victory over TP Mazembe in Marrakech on Thursday.

The Nigerian side had made their debut on a losing note after a 2-1 defeat to Mamelodi Sundowns but they bounced back with a victory over their Central African counterparts to keep their semi-final hopes alive at Grand Stade de Marrakech.

First half goals from Miracle Joseph and Chinyere Igbomalu were enough to elicit winning smiles off the face of the manager, who boasted his tactics worked against the Congolese side.

“I’m a very happy man now because the game went my way as we won,” Okara told

“If we did not win this match, we would have gone home. I know they are a very tough and physical side so we prepared very well for them. I’ll say our tactics worked for us.

“After the first defeat, we changed our tactics and we watched the Congolese team we watched them very well and we saw their No. 10 [Mervielle Kanjinga] and No. 7 [Naomie Kabakaba] that they would be a task to us.

“So we detailed two people not to be offensive, that they should be defensive so that they will wait for them because those are the two machines. I was even surprised by their strength, so we had to cut them off during the match. We tried our best so they will reduce their performance and it worked for us.”

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