‘Bring On Man City’ – Klopp Boasts After Liverpool Demolish Rangers

‘Bring On Man City’ –Klopp Boasts After Liverpool Demolish Rangers

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says his team is ready to face Man City in this weekend’s Premier League clash after the Reds demolished Rangers in the Champions League.

Recall that Liverpool are experiencing a difficult time in the league after slipping 10th on the table.

Asked about making a statement, Klopp admitted their weekend clash against Manchester City will be a lot tougher.

He told reporters: “It’s not a bad thing winning 7-1 here. I think from the outside point of view obviously everyone expected us to win here, but we take it a game at a time.

“We know that we are in a tough period, and we take it game by game – that’s how we approached tonight.


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“That’s how we will approach the big one on Sunday [vs Manchester City] .


“They’re on fantastic form, it’s always difficult games against each other for both sides. We’ll prepare well, recover and be ready for Sunday.”


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Klopp is a notable proponent of Gegenpressing, a tactic in which the team, after losing possession of the ball, immediately attempts to win back possession, rather than falling back to regroup. Klopp has stated that a well-executed counter-pressing system can be more effective than any playmaker when it comes to creating chances.


Commenting on his pressing tactics, Klopp said that “The best moment to win the ball is immediately after your team just lost it. The opponent is still looking for orientation where to pass the ball. He will have taken his eyes off the game to make his tackle or interception and he will have expended energy. Both make him vulnerable”. The tactic requires great amounts of speed, organisation and stamina, with the idea of regaining possession of the ball as far up the pitch as possible in order to counter possible counter-attacks.


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Klopp has been married twice. He was previously wedded to Sabine and they have a son, Marc (born 1988), who has played for a number of German clubs including FSV Frankfurt under-19s, KSV Klein-Karben, SV Darmstadt 98, Borussia Dortmund II and the Kreisliga side VfL Kemminghausen 1925. On 5 December 2005, Klopp married social worker and children’s writer Ulla Sandrock. They met at a pub during an Oktoberfest celebration that same year. She has a son, Dennis, from a previous marriage. On 10 February 2021, Klopp confirmed that his mother, Elisabeth, had died; he was unable to attend her funeral in Germany due to COVID-19 travel restrictions

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