Boston Dynamics presents an Atlas robot capable of grabbing and throwing objects like a human

Boston Dynamics presents an Atlas robot capable of grabbing and throwing objects like a human

Boston Dynamics has unveiled the latest version of its Atlas robot, capable of enhanced human-like movements and actions. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based robot company showcased the humanoid robot with claws while displaying its capabilities via a video posted to YouTube. The robot is seen performing complex actions such as grabbing and throwing an object, navigating complex terrain while holding another object.

In the video posted to Boston Dynamics’ YouTube channel, the company’s Atlas robot is seen navigating a harsh environment while walking on two legs mimicking human motion. The robot Atlas is also seen grabbing a board and jumping to turn, carrying and placing it to create a bridge to walk between two platforms, while holding a toolbox.

The robot Atlas is then seen crossing the platform bridge it has created, throwing the toolbox at the person atop the scaffolding. The maneuver performed is referred to by Boston Dynamics as a 540 degree inverted multi-axis flip.

After successfully passing the toolbox to the human on the ledge above, the Atlas robot then theatrically performs a perfectly executed backflip while remaining on the slim platform.

The demonstration shows how humanoid robots such as the Atlas could potentially replace humans in performing tasks that involve the risk of death and injury when performed by humans.

Recently, Boston Dynamics and IBM collaborated to deploy robot dogs to US National Grid sites for autonomous inspection. The robotic dogs named Spot are embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) developed by IBM Research and deployed at electric and gas utility sites in Massachusetts and New York for regular inspections.

However, Boston Dynamics’ creative foray into deploying robots in real-world situations and applications hasn’t always been smooth. The company faced backlash for selling Spot to local police departments, including the NYPD, leading the NYPD to call off the arrangement.

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