BookMyShow and VROTT Studios partner to deliver new content in Indian languages

BookMyShow and VROTT Studios partner to deliver new content in Indian languages

BookMyShow and VROTT Studios partner to deliver new content in Indian languages

BookMyShow Stream has partnered with VROTT Studios, a subscription streaming platform, to expand its catalog with new content dubbed into Indian languages. The first content slate – from April to July – features foreign TV series and films such as the first two seasons of Finnish crime drama Welcome to Texas, psychological drama Over Water, Victor Lessard, and more. In addition to their original languages, the content will be dubbed into Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Currently, there are no pricing details for renting or buying from the VROTT catalog. However, according to the existing preset, all rented shows should be accessible for 30 days, with each episode receiving a two-day time limit once you click play.

“Over the past few years, moviegoers have become very content-driven and language independent, increasingly opting for international content, whether subtitled or dubbed and available in local languages,” said said Ashish Saksena, COO, Cinemas, BookMyShow in a press release. “Through our partnership with VROTT, we are excited to further expand our range of global content to include intriguing international titles and make them available in native languages ​​for a diverse and multilingual Indian audience.” It also says that with this collaboration, VROTT’s catalog will be “exclusively” on BookMyShow Stream, although there’s no word on what will happen to the existing platform once the deal is fully closed.

On the film side, the catalog includes Burial with Tom Felton (Harry Potter movies), which follows a small group of Russian soldiers during the final days of World War II, who are tasked with bringing the remains of Adolf Hitler back to Joseph Stalin in Russia.

Keeping the war theme alive is Red Ghost, a Russian war thriller where a mythical lone wolf fighter roams the Russian forests to hunt Nazis with ease. When a Nazi Wehrmacht special unit is ordered to neutralize the legend, a band of Soviet soldiers find themselves caught in the crossfire, trapped on a farm and forced to fight back.

Meanwhile, in the Hungarian film The Petitson, obedient office worker Rudi (Gergő Blahó) goes on a spree of revenge when his elderly grandfather falls prey to a phone scam, shattering his health and wits. of the last.

As mentioned earlier, we have three TV series to boot, starting with Welcome to Texas, where a married couple — Tuula (Maria Ylipää) and Upi (Turkka Mastomäki) — set up a successful gun smuggling ring. and drugs. However, when Upi is invited by his Russian partners to get involved in a human trafficking mission, the family is drawn into the realm of international organized crime. The first episode of Welcome to Texas is also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, after which you will have to pay Rs. 399 per year for access to VROTT content.

Over Water traces the machinations of TV celebrity Jon Beckers (Tom Dewispelaere) who succumbed to a lifestyle of alcoholism and gambling. When his despondent wife gives him one last ultimatum to make things right and win back trust, he begins to work at his father-in-law’s shipping company. Things soon turn for the worse when he finds himself in the middle of strange negotiations on the quays of Antwerp.

And finally, we have Victor Lessard, where a homicide cop with a troubled past is forced to investigate the ritualistic, medieval murders of a prominent Montreal psychiatrist and a successful lawyer.

“VROTT will focus on tapping into emerging B&C domestic markets by also adding Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Punjabi languages,” VROTT founder Manish Dutt said in a prepared statement. “Our partnership with BookMyShow Stream will help achieve the goal and this partnership would help VROTT expand its consumer base into the TVOD market as well as the SVOD market.”

Currently, there are no concrete dates when any of the aforementioned VROTT content will be available on BookMyShow Stream. For now, it only mentions an April to July release window.

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