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Bola Ige: Jubilation and victory of his killers


Bola Ige: Jubilation and victory of his killers

Bola Ige: Jubilation and victory of his killers

Distinguished readers,

It is now 20 years that Bola Ige, former minister of justice and attorney general of the federation was shot dead at his home in the south-western city of Ibadan.

For 21 years, activists including politicians who shared same interests with him when he was alive have continously demanded for the apprehension and prosecution of his killers.

Despite outcry, no one knows the true killers of Bola Ige who was murdered in service as attorney general and minister for justice and it remains a difficult puzzle to solve. Out of 20 years, the political party who was in power when he was coldly murdered, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ruled for 14 years and they could not produce his killers.

Majority of key players who participated in the struggle for justice, sponsored protests to demand for arrest and prosecution of his killers have also plotted their ways into power. They have held strategic positions in the country. They are now closer to the powers that can bring about the desired justice they had always wanted but the silence in them is cooler than that of death.

For 6 years, they have held the power they protested against but they have not considered finding the killers of Bola Ige. Every year, they come together to mourn the demise of the late cicero, Bola Ige. Every year, they turn his corpse inside grave and open the ‘sore wounds of death’ only for discussion and patronage. They had clamoured for investigations in the past.

They are now friends of people who have powers to investigate and make necessary arrest but they prefer silence because the unsolved puzzle of Bola Ige’s death has political benefits. They only remember the late Cicero when they mount podiums. They only remember the ‘husband of Atinuke’ when they want to play politics.

Again, who killed Bola Ige? Not only commoners but people who are closer to corridors of power still ask this question. Professor Wole Soyinka has raised the dust again after 6 years. He courageously asked the federal government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari who is a friend to mentees of Bola Ige to make known the details of their investigation about the assasination.

A former minister of power and steel, Olu Agunloye said the killer of Ex-Justice minister, Bola Ige was part of a big conspiracy network. When I listened to Agunloye’s speech, I discovered that he downplayed justice but condemned the killing. He understands that there is no justice anywhere but he is afraid of public persecution. Like Agunloye, many prominent Nigerians have silently concluded too. This matter is surrounded by a lot of cobwebs. In all, I see no justice in sight.

Again, we have resumed the call for investigation, apprehension and prosecution of true killers of Bola Ige. Both prominent Yoruba leaders and groups have spoken. All the pages of newspapers are filled with a lone question on the lips of every Nigerian that who killed Bola Ige? His friends, foes and possibly unknown killers who are probably in higher offices or walking freely in their respective majesties have also joined the annual cause. They mourn in public and mock in private. The call for investigation always dies with the season. In the next 48 hours, nobody would be interested again.

Nigeria and unresolved murder cases are siamese twins. A senior colleague, Komolafe said in one of his write ups that Nigeria has couched euphemistic names for reckless killings in the land; and it is as if the gods are angry. When I was browsing through the internet, I saw a list of prominent unresolved murder cases and I was shocked. Most families have resigned to fate. They have accepted destiny and handed over everything to God because they surely know that there is no justice anywhere.

Some of prominent Nigerians who were coldly murdered are: Dele Giwa (1986)! Alfred Rewane (1995)! Bagauda Kaltho (1996)! Kudirat Abiola (1996)! MKO Abiola (1998)! Barnabas Igwe and Abigail, his wife (2002)! Marshall Harry (2003)! Aminosari Dikibo (2004)! Hassan Olajokun (2005)! Ayodeji Daramola (2006)! Funsho Williams (2006)! Dipo Dina (2010)! Olaitan Oyerinde (2012)! Funke Olakunri (2019)!

If killers of these people could not be apprehended or prosecuted, it does not only promote crime or build a culture of criminality but tells ordinary citizens like me that we must not get killed. Like past years, we have come together again to ask the most important question of the moment, who killed Bola Ige?

We will ask next year too. Till then, do not get yourself killed because there won’t be justice for you. Be wise!


This year, 2021 is a challenging one for the people of Ile-Ife. I do not know what is occupying the minds of natives and residents of the town. The month of December will always be remembered by the good people of Ile-Ife. As an ancient town of traditions, one is forced to ask if they did not forsee the troubles of this month or the forebears especially the spirits in control of the town are at war with the natives and residents of the town.

What exactly did Ooni of Ife hear from our forebears or spirits of the land during his 7 days of seclusion? This month is no doubt a challenging one for the ancient town and we must remember the people and town in our prayers.

It is excruciating to note that each time, Ile-Ife appeared on social media in this month of December, the ancient town is either a subject of ‘controversy’ or ‘ridicule’.

From the alleged murder of Timothy Adegoke, a student of Obafemi Awolowo to stormy revelations about one of her prominent sons, Iyiola Omisore made by his former boss, Bisi Akande in his book titled ‘My Participations’ to new discussions about the assasination of former secretary to government of federation, Bola Ige in which a prominent son was alleged to the dumping of his Imperial Majesty, Oba Ogunwusi by his wife, Queen Silekunola Naomi, it has truly been a long tale of ‘controversy and ridicule’.

May God heal the land!

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