Omoyele Sowore Biography and Networth


Omoyele Sowore Biography

Sowore was born on the on the 16th of February 1971 in his hometown. He hails from Ese-Odo, Ondo State in South Western Nigeria.

This man was born into a polygamous family and is the first child of 20 children which includes his brothers and sisters. While growing up as a young boy, he combined subsistence fishing with his education in order to assist his parents in catering for the family.

Sowore developed the love for journalism and the media during the days of the Nigerian military style of government. According to him, he saw the media as the strongest tool he could use to criticize the government as at that time because he believed that they weren’t ruling as the masses would have loved.

Shortly after his secondary school education, he moved to Lagos(in Nigeria) to study at the prestigious University of Lagos for his tertiary education.

While studying at the University of Lagos(UNILAG) he started using the media as a tool to protest against the government in power as at that time. He also staged many offline protests against the government and this resulted in various controversies which will be also be discussed in this post.

In 1999, he suffered a very brutal attack by members of a particular cult group in his university(UNILAG). After he was attacked by these cultists, he was left with no other option than to travel outside the shores of Nigeria for treatments and to prevent further attacks that can cost him his life.

He traveled to the United States of America and there he started the now prominent online news platform, Sahara Reporters. He also continued his various criticisms on the bad government which Nigeria had then, on this new online platform.

Fast-forward to 2009, Omoyele Sowore’s Sahara Reporters became an international household name as it was the first news website to identify and publish the photo of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who attempted to detonate a bomb aboard a flight in the USA. He(the bomber) is popularly referred to as the Underwear Bomber, you might as well know this story.



Omoyele Sowore is a completely educated man. He studied Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Lagos(UNILAG) from 1989 to 1995.

His academic program was however extended by two extra years after he was expelled twice for political and student activism in the school.

He was the also the President of the University of Lagos Student Union Government(UNILAG SUG) between the year 1992 and 1994 where he was greatly involved in various anti-cultism and anti-corruption activities.

After graduating from the University of Lagos where he studied for 6 years(because of reasons mentioned above), Sowore traveled to the United States to further his education where he obtained a masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.

So Omoyele Sowore currently holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Lagos(UNILAG) and an M.Sc. degree, from Columbia University in the United States of America.


Networth (2019)

Sowore is a businessman with many successful offline and online investments which are said to be completely based in the USA.

We do not have an accurate value of Omoyele Sowore networth as he prefers to keep his investments private and they are completely based in the united states of America.

However, Sowore’s website(Saharareporters) is said to worth approximately $10 million(3.5 Billion Naira) and this is his major investment and source of income.

According to various online sources, Sahara Reporters is currently funded by a group of various multinational organizations. These organizations regularly pump a significant amount of money into the platform in a bid to assist it in its quest for investigative journalism.




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