Better Buy Ethereum or Solana?

Ethereum or Solana

Better Buy Ethereum or Solana?

Ethereum or Solana

When picking a crypto asset for investment and trading, it is essential to estimate its potential and analyze its price fluctuations and patterns. For it, you should do a technical analysis. There are also external factors that affect crypto prices:

  • The overall situation with the world’s economy 
  • The level of inflation 
  • A crisis caused by war
  • And other factors impacting people’s desire to invest.

Let’s consider two popular crypto projects – Ethereum and Solana.


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Ethereum is the second largest crypto coin on all rankings. It is used by developers of decentralized apps, smart contracts, NFT, and blockchain games as a space where they build and deploy their products. Over time, the Ethereum network has become overloaded with applications running on it, so it got some serious drawbacks:

  • Lower throughout
  • Longer time for transactions 
  • Higher fees.

Recently, Ethereum switched to the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, solving all these disadvantages. In addition, now you can stake Ethereum. ETH is traded on all exchanges. One of the most popular pairs traded on centralized exchanges is ETH EUR


Solana project could surpass Ethereum by its features, for it also provided space and tools for smart contracts, DeFi, metaverses and other product development, but based initially on the Proof-of-Stake protocol consensus, it was much faster and cheaper. SOL coins can also be staked.

However, Ethereum is now running on the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, so both projects are and will be incredibly popular among developers. 

SOL is also available on all crypto platforms. You can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT platform. It is a centralized exchange that allows converting over 450 crypto pairs and a range of fiat currencies. For example, you can buy ETH and SOL with real money and convert ETH to EUR, SOL to EUR, etc.

Check out how to buy crypto with fiat on the WhiteBIT blog.



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