Best USB-C Power Chargers 2023

Best USB-C Power Chargers 2023

Best USB-C Power Chargers 2023

2. UGreen Nexode 100W USB-C Charger – Best 100W USB-C Charger

This UGreen device is a powerful 100W laptop charger.

The three-prong UK model, which has a different design than those available in the US and EU, necessarily, because the elongated design and weight (268g for the UK model) of this thing would likely struggle to remain attached to the wall without this third component to stabilize. The 8.29oz (235g) US model has a larger, more rectangular design, with folding caps to make them more compact for travel, but the basic specs are otherwise the same.

We like the design, and it feels much better made than some cheap plastic chargers. There are no angular edges here, with each line being smoothed and rounded to soften its appearance. The outer casing is a matte metallic grey, and all the necessary tech specs are tucked away where the adapter plugs into the wall. It’s not too bulky, despite its weight, thanks to the GaN technology inside.

But that’s really not what it looks like; it’s about what it does – and this UGreen GAN X 100W adapter has some serious power behind it.

There are four USB ports in all – three USB-C and one full-size USB-A – two of which support 100W output, with the other two rated at 22.5W. 100W maximum, which means that when using more than one port the power rating will be reduced, but it’s still possible to get up to 65W out of either of these two 100W USB-Cs .

This UGreen adapter supports multiple charging protocols including Power Delivery 2.0 and 3.0, Quick Charge 4+, and PPS, and it will work with virtually any device that charges via USB.

Note that you can purchase this adapter with or without a USB-C cable. If you’re buying one separately or supplying your own, you’ll need to make sure it’s capable of carrying up to 100W.


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